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Clinical and Basic Research Activities

The physicians in the Division of Newborn Medicine at New York Medical College, through their clinical and basic science research investigations, are seeking ways to improve care for extremely preterm babies and other conditions of the newborn. Clinical and Basic Science research projects at the Regional Neonatal Center, a NYS DOH level IV designated program, afford these tiny patients and their families an opportunity to receive new treatments and therapies not available at community hospitals or even at many other major medical centers (e.g., ECMO, Jet and Oscillatory Ventilation, Selective Brain Cooling for asphyxia, High Frequency Ventilation for transport, etc.).

The Division of Newborn Medicine is also involved with many public health initiatives focused on enhanced access to healthcare and in identifying opportunities to improve perinatal outcomes for the citizens of our entire 5,000 square mile catchment area through a formal collaboration with the Lower Hudson and Mid-Hudson Valley Perinatal Networks. There have been over 20,000 sick or premature newborns cared for since the Division was established in 1982.

Current Research Projects include: 

  • Neonatal brain development and neurological disorders
  • Neonatal cardiovascular and respiratory pathophysiology
  • Mediators of neonatal inflammation and infections
  • Neonatal nutrition, growth and development of the intestine
  • Neonatal endocrine disorders and thyroid diseases
  • Genetic foundations of neonatal conditions
  • Studies on the impact of neonatal intensive care on long-term neurological outcomes
  • Population based outcomes and public health initiatives.