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Scheduling Appointments

How to Schedule Appointments
We are open Monday through Friday, 9:00 - 5:00. The phone number for appointments is (914) 493-7585. Our fax number is (914) 594-2350. Appointments at all offices are scheduled through this phone number. You may also call the CWPW concierge service:  1-855-4-CWPW-MD (1-855-4-2979-63).  They will gladly assist you in assuring a timely appointment is made in the office you prefer. After hours the physician on call can be reached at (914) 493-7585.

Physician Referrals
Physicians wishing to refer patients for consultation to the Pediatric Pulmonology Division should call (914) 493-7585 and add the following: or 1-855-4-CWPW-MD.  If the patient needs to be seen sooner than the next available opening, the pulmonologist on call will generally see the patient as soon as possible at the request of the referring physician. This can be arranged immediately, if necessary. An attending pulmonologist is always on call and available for consultation.

Our division office will generally request that the patient come with available medical records or a referral letter and available x-rays. This greatly improves our ability to provide you with the best consultation and often saves the patient from repeating lab work or radiographs. Prior approval for visits, anticipated studies, and hospitalizations, if required, must always be obtained from the patient’s primary care provider before the patient is seen.

Phone Consultations
The physicians of the Division of Pediatric Pulmonology are always happy to take phone consultations about patients previously seen here or about problem pulmonary patients. However, we cannot generally make management recommendations for patients not scheduled for new followup evaluations with us.