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Background (1996 - present)

Urology Research Laboratory has been officially established in 1996 with commitment of the late Dr. Camille Mallouh, former Chairman and Emeritus Professor. Sensuke Konno, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor and the full-time Research Director, who has been conducting the multifaceted research projects since 1996.  Dr. Konno and the urology residents have published 36 papers in the prestigious journals, made 69 presentations at the major national and international meetings and conferences, and also won over 15 awards and prizes in those meetings/conferences. 

Research Projects

The followings are the current (on-going) research projects being performed under Dr. Konno’s supervision:           

  • Critical role of oxidative stress in nephrolithiasis and its potential prevention with specific antioxidants
  • Prevention of renal ischemic/reperfusion injury with conventional and alternative approaches and their possible mechanisms
  • Assessment of possible insulin-like activity of SX-fraction (mushroom extract) with hypoglycemic effect: Prophylactic modality of diabetic nephropathy
  • Possible improvement of chemotherapeutic efficacy with “complementary” agents in the prognostic status of urological cancers (including prostate, bladder and renal cell carcinomas)
  • Investigation of the molecular basis of urological malignancies and exploration of the improved therapeutic modalities with alternative or unconventional agents (e.g., vitamin C, 2-deoxy-glucose, beta-glucan, proanthocyanidin etc.) 


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Three Prizeswon at the AUA Urology Resident Essay Contest: 

  • Third Prize:       John A. Mordente. “The modulation of the retinoblastoma (pRB) protein by brefeldin A (BFA) during G1 cell cycle progression in prostate cancer PC-3 cells” (1977)
  • Second Prize:     Scott D. Davidson. “Life sustaining function of glyoxalase I in human prostate cancer: Role of cell survival” (1999)
  • First Prize:        John H. Won. “Induction of cell death by vitamin combination in prostate cancer: A Ca2+-dependent death pathway” (2000) 

Twelve Awardswon at the Valentine Urology Resident Essay Contest, including Three-Award Sweep (in the Research Category) in 2011: 

  • First Place:        Andrew I. Fishman. “Prevention of renal ischemia-reperfusion injury by a novel renoprotective cocktail in a rat model”
  • Second Place:     David A. Green. “Preventative effect of antioxidants on oxidative renal cell injury and the role in renal crystal formation”
  • Third Place:       Bobby Alexander. “Apoptosis induced by combination of D-fraction and vitamin C in renal cell carcinoma” 

“Sixty-nine Presentations”

  • Delivered at the National and International Meetings and Conferences (List available upon request).