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Housekeeping, Setups, & Moving

Along with responding to the College’s various maintenance and operations concerns, Facilities is also responsible for coordinating our contracted housekeeping and moving services.

According to our contract, the housekeeping staff is responsible for general cleaning, garbage and recycling removal daily, unless otherwise instructed by the Facilities department. The housekeeping staff also removes the regulated medical waste containers and delivers empty replacement containers upon the request of lab. Contact 914-594-4588 to request replacements.

Any cleaning beyond the contracted services is subject to an extra charge. This includes rug shampooing, large garbage (equipment) removal or special cleaning requests.

The schedule below is a limited description of the contracted cleaning services by area and the frequencies to be expected campus wide. For more extensive details, contact the Facilities Department.

Vacuum traffic lanes and Lobbies   daily
Vacuum office and cubicles wall to wall   weekly
Sweep/vacuum interior stairways   weekly
Dust furniture surfaces   twice weekly
Damp clean desks, chairs   bi-weekly
Dust/clean countertops & Tabletops   daily
Wipe Clean telephones   leave to individual
Dust chair legs, desk sides, knee wells, pedestals   monthly
Dust/vacuum upholstered furniture/clean legs and trim   quarterly
Dust surfaces of water coolers and water bottles   weekly
Permanent surfaces damp wiped/washed   as needed
Entrance & interior metal wood and other trim dusted and spot cleaned   weekly
Entrance and interior glass doors spot cleaned   daily
Clean white boards/blackboards   daily
Clean wood surfaces including wall panels, columns, and convector    
covers removing finger marks   quarterly
Painted surfaces spot cleaned   as needed no less than weekly
Clean all air conditioning louvers, grills and areas not reached nightly   quarterly
HAND DUST - window sills, pictures and frames, counters, radiator covers,    
ledges and shelves up to six feet, coat racks and trees, baseboard and    
moldings, lamp shades, chairs, horizontal and vertical surfaces   monthly
Wash Formica surfaces   weekly
Walls, door jambs, stops, push plates and kick plates, panel boxes,    

fire extinguishers, cabinets and fire hose cabinets, horizontal and vertical

surfaces not reached during nightly cleaning, glass partitions, display    
cases, leather and vinyl backs, seat cushions, arms damp wiped,    
spot clean walls   monthly
Dust/vacuum behind all furniture close to walls not easily reached   quarterly
Floor and wall mounted light fixtures dusted   weekly
Elevator tracks and saddles vacuumed   monthly
Elevator tracks and saddles scrubbed   monthly
Dust interior of fire closets, extinguishers, hoses and wall brackets   quarterly
Wash vertical surfaces of corridors and elevator lobbies   quarterly
Wash walls in elevator corridors   monthly
Vacuuming and mopping   daily
Vertical and horizontal surfaces spot cleaned   weekly
Painted surfaces spot cleaned   weekly
Wash formica surfaces   nightly
Vacuum and spot clean all fabric upholstered furniture, hand dust and    
wipe sills and convectors, dust movable wall panels, spot clean as req   weekly
Dust vacuum and spot clean all carpeted covered surfaces   nightly
Clean all wood surfaces, including wall panels, columns and convectors   monthly

Should you have any questions regarding the housekeeping schedule, please contact: Kelly Phillips via email: Kelly_Phillips@nymc.edu or by phone at: 914-594-3061.

The Housekeepers will make classroom/lobby setups and arrange room partitions as requested through room reservations or by contacting Facilities at 914-594-4588. It is important to put in the requests through work orders well in advance of the need. The partitions in the classrooms of the School of Public Health and the Mods of the MEC should not be moved by anyone other than someone from Housekeeping or Facilities by request to avoid possible injury and damage.

Any request to move/discard items is subject to a departmental charge. This involves discarding equipment or large garbage, movement of items to and from storage, movement of audio-visual equipment and moving furniture from room to room. Any lab equipment has to be cleared by Environmental Health and Safety prior to being moved.

All moves must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.

To best ensure that your request is handled properly, there are a few steps to follow.

Please complete the on-line Work Order Request Form 

Please make sure that all information is provided on the form. Failure to provide all information will delay your request. All housekeeping requests require an account number, as the cleaning service is an outside contractor.

Please be reasonable in your expectations. (Asking that your rugs be shampooed in an hour or requesting 45 chairs for a room this afternoon is not feasible.) Housekeeping, set ups, and moving requests need to be scheduled in accordance with the daily cleaning schedule. Please call Facilities Management at 914-594-4588, and discuss the appropriate time line for your request.