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Valhalla Campus Closings

The purpose of this memo is to inform employees on the Valhalla Campus, excluding faculty practice employees working at Skyline and Bradhurst, about Inclement Weather Procedures.

Members of the NYMC community may obtain information regarding the College’s open/closed status by utilizing any of the following procedures:

  • Calling the College INCLEMENT WEATHER telephone line, (914) 594-3600 for a recorded message. Announcements will be recorded by 6:30 am.  Please do not call the Security Office.
  • A banner will be placed on the College Webpage in the event of a closing or delayed opening
  • An email will be sent from NYMCAlert to all NYMC, TCDM and TDH students and staff and a text message will be sent to students, faculty and staff whose mobile numbers are listed in TouroOne.
  • Non College employees who chose to Opt In to NYMCAlert will receive a text only.

In the event that a normal opening is updated to a delayed opening or a delayed opening is updated to a closing follow up message will be sent from NYMCAlert and the weather line and scroll will be updated.   

Levels of Operation and Staffing During Inclement Weather Closings

During any College closure, certain operationally essential employees may be required to report to work (or stay on the job) even when the College is otherwise closed or an opening is delayed.  These employees include:  Facilities, EEHS, Security and IT staff.  Operationally-essential employees must make every effort to report to work while ensuring their safety during commuting.  When possible, arrangements will be made for such employees to stay overnight on campus in order to assure that they are available without having to commute during hazardous travel conditions.  Operationally- essential employees are designated by the heads of each department and may vary depending on the nature of the weather event.

If an inclement weather closing is expected to be of a limited duration, and it is possible for the College to resume normal operations during the day, a delayed opening will be announced.  A delayed opening allows the College time to restore the campus to normal operational levels.

When, despite inclement weather or other incident, a decision is made to open or keep the College open, all faculty and staff are to report to (or stay at) work.  In the event of unusual personal circumstances related to the weather event, arrangements should be made with one’s supervisor to take the day off and to charge time off to personal or vacation time.