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Notice to new users
Fellows, Faculty Practices and Others: Your account will be active for one year from creation and can be renewed annually by resubmitting the documentation requested. It will take 5 working days, after receipt of your network application by Information Services Department to activate your network account. Due to the volume of requests, you may not receive notice of the account creation. You may call, if, after 5 business days you are not able to access your account. The completed application and additional documentation can be faxed by your Department Head/Administrator to (914) 594-2001, hand delivered or mailed to Information Services, 19 Skyline Drive 2NF31. If you are an existing or new user requiring access to restricted data/services or network printer access, please complete form found below.

Network Installation 
Please complete this form and return the original to Information Services, Room 2NF31, 19 Skyline Drive. Contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance. Account will be billed for network card (if installed), port charge and actual cabling cost.

ListServ Request Form
Please complete this form to create or modify a ListServ distribution list and return the original to Information Services, Room 2NF31, 19 Skyline Drive.

Computer Disposal
Please fill out this form if you have NYMC Computer equipment that you wish to discard. Fax (x2001) the completed form and contact the Helpdesk to set up a pickup date.