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Who We Are

The NYMC Information Technology department is divided into the following areas:

At the Information Technology helpdesk, located in 19 Skyline Drive 2NF31, the staff deals with everything from setting up wireless connections for laptops to installation and maintenance of NYMC owned computers. All of our technicians are well versed in both PC and MAC computers. We also offer support to smartphones (Androids, Windows Phones, as well as iPhones and mobile devices). We offer approved packages from Dell(R) and HP(R) to faculty members wishing to purchase new computer systems. Our goal is to provide excellent and conscientious support to both students and faculty of the NYMC community.

The Network technicians provide proactive and extensible solutions to ensure a stable network infrastructure for our NYMC community. They provide hands on server and network configuration support. They review and further document networking components and connections. Our Network Technicians are responsible for ensuring that active networks and servers are secure and fully accessible to properly authenticated users. The technicians provide network administrative operations and perform maintenance requests as well as help to implement system policy. They also work with staff in managing the required systems, operation techniques, and processes, along with supporting off site schools and municipalities throughout campus.

Systems & Programming
Our programmers at NYMC are tasked with the maintenance and creation of campus specific programs used by the college.  They provide programming and system support to academic and administrative departments for enterprise applications, system integrations and reporting. Our programmers are tasked with the maintenance and creation of custom programs used by the college.

Educational Media
The Educational Media Services (EMS) provides faculty a range of support services including: audio-visual equipment, Web Conference Hosting, selected supplies, and consultation. Staff assistance may be scheduled in the Nevins and Cooke teaching auditoria, classrooms in the School of Public Health, the Center for Interactive Learning, and other meeting rooms upon request. Staff may be scheduled to project your lecture, orient you to a new piece of equipment, or consult with you suggesting how to effectively present your media. Videoconferencing capabilities are also available which may enable you to reach students at remote locations. Our current inventory includes: LCD projectors; slide projectors; document cameras; digital camcorders; DVD duplicator; VHS to DVD copier; editing system; and sound support systems. Educational Media is located both in Skyline and in the School of Health Sciences and Practice. Any questions may be directed to the SHSP EMS at (914) 594-4666, or you may contact Michael Cotter, Head of Educational Media Services at Skyline (914) 594-2553. All printing issues should be directed to Michael Cotter either by phone or email, Michael_Cotter@NYMC.edu.