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Coupa FAQs

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    • First you will need a Username (email address).
    Send an email to OscarEPurchase_Help@nymc.edu
    • An email confirmation will be sent to you from Coupa Notifications stating "Welcome to Coupa", requiring you to setup your password.
    • You will need to set up a unique 8 character password.
    • A password different from your normal NYMC password is required; this password acts as your signature on any document you work with or approve.
    • Once your password is established, you will need to go to the following website: https://nymc.coupahost.com/session/new
    • Type in your email addresses (FirstName_LastName@nymc.edu) and your new password.
    • Click on "Sign In"
    • The system does not permit you to use the back arrow at the top left of the screen. You will need to save, go to check-out and then modify your request.
    • At the beginning you will be entering information to build up a group of requisitions that you can copy, modify and send. So as time goes by there will be less entering required and you will become faster at creating purchase requisitions and check requests.
    • Each line is treated like an independent order so you can purchase from multiple accounts and multiple vendors on one order.
    • Many people create draft requisitions, print them and have someone else review and OK them before submitting. This function allows them to do that.
    • Commodity codes are used by the Coupa to identify what type of item is being purchased.
    • Account or sub-codes are used by the financial system to group the types of items into categories required by external agencies.
    • Eventually, the system will be able to map the commodity codes to the account sub-codes so that you won't have to do this. To be able to do this mapping, the financial system needs to be updated. This update is targeted to be completed Spring 2015 subject to revision.
    • If you have questions about which ones to use, the Budget Office can help.
    • NYMC is in the process of upgrading our general ledger system. We will be able to build a link between the general ledger and when the new general ledger is in place, which will simplify this process.
    • Critical orders are those which require delivery within 24 hours to avoid a disaster, such as a significant impact on research or a potential hazardous situation.
    • To start, please go to your Purchase Order Requisition and just click on "Yes" in the critical box (located under the description box) and fill in the justification with a few words.
    • If you are an approver, use the requisition report and sort for "critical" so the critical requests will always display at the top. For people who approve high numbers of requisitions a day, it is recommended that you keep the report open on your desktop all day and refresh frequently.
    • To track and follow up on your requisition (either to see if the vendor received it or if it has been approved) go to your Recent Orders and "View all" requisitions.
    • Login to Coupa with login name and password.
    • Under "My Account" (upper right hand corner of the homepage), click on "My Spend History".
    • Locate the "Orders" section.
    • Find and click on "P.O. #" desired.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Edit Change"button.
    • Revise by filling in information as desired.
    • Click on "Submit Change Request" button.
    Please note:
    *Clicking on 'Submit Change Request' will invoke your department approval workflow process again*
    • If you have received all of the goods or services on a given Purchase Order, select that Purchase Order from your "recent orders" list, open it and click "received all" (upper right side). This replaces the "OK to Pay" process. Now that you have checked the box indicating that you have received the goods, Accounts Payable will know what invoices to pay.
    • If you have received only part of the order, you can check only those items received which will authorize only a partial payment for goods or services received.
    • Departments may receive some invoices; forward these to the Accounts Payable office. Department signatures and accounting/billing codes are required for processing.
    • As vendors get used to using the system, they will send their invoices directly to the Coupa system. New vendors, or those without the technology, can continue to mail and fax invoices to the Accounts Payable department.
    • Eventually, Coupa will be able to show you the budget balance (not including salaries, fringe, journal entries or other non-purchasing account information). To be able to map the budget to the purchasing system, the financial system needs to be updated.
    • No. Coupa has a box to check "Contract required". When you check that box, you can upload the document to the Purchase Order which will automatically route to the OGC. This will help you track your contract and Purchase Order together.
    • Click on "Review all" at the top of the box.
    • You can open each item which will show the date it was initiated.
    • OR, you can go to "My Account" (located on the top right corner and "My Inbox", to search for the date you received the request.