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NYMC is proud to provide transportation services to our NYMC/TCDM community. 

Safety Escorts

Patrol safety escorts are available upon request by contacting the Office of Public Safety at (914) 594-4226.

Campus Shuttle 

The Campus Shuttle is not running on a steady schedule at this time. It is available upon request only. To request this service, call NYMC Public Safety, at (914) 594-4226. The Campus Shuttle is only for NYMC/TCDM-sponsored events. Please schedule the service in advance so we can staff a driver for the shuttle.  

View the Campus Shuttle map.

Passengers must present College identification, wear a mask, and maintain distance from other riders.


Campus Parking

Parking at New York Medical College is only provided for staff, students, and tenants who work on campus, and their registered guests.  All vehicles parked on campus MUST have a valid parking sticker or visitor's tag. 

Unauthorized vehicles will be booted or towed by Alex's Towing (Elmsford, NY 914-631-9238).  The fee to remove a boot or release a vehicle from the tow yard is payable directly to the towing company only.  Individuals who have parked illegally will not be warned in advance of being booted or towed.  Additionally, NYMC cannot reverse the boot or tow once it has been instituted by the towing company, nor is NYMC responsible for any associated fees.  In order to avoid incurring any fines/inconvenience, please ensure that you are legally parked at all times. 

Do not park in handicapped parking unless you have a valid permit to do so.  The police will issue tickets to anyone parked in handicapped parking who does not have a valid permit displayed. 

Click to view parking areas on campus. To get a parking sticker, please contact the Office of Public Safety.

Student Parking:

New students will be assigned parking after they complete the NYMC Access Control Docusign.  Upon approval of the Docusign, NYMC Public Safety will make all parking assignments. Students will be assigned to only one parking lot as indicated on their parking permit.  The parking permit is a sticker that is to be affixed to the vehicle's rear window, on the right side.  Parking permits will be issued during orientation or when you move onto campus.  If you have any questions, please call NYMC Public Safety, 914-594-4226.

Student lots include: the East or West Housing lots, 7 Dana Road, 19 Skyline Drive, the Gravel lot, 15 Dana Road (BSB), or the Steam Plant. 

Employee, Tenant, or Contractor Parking:

Parking is only offered to those who work on the NYMC campus.  Parking access will be considered after the completion of an NYMC Access Control Docusign.  Upon approval of the Docusign, NYMC Public Safety will issue a parking permit and make all parking assignments.  The parking permit is a sticker that is to be affixed to the vehicle's rear window, on the right side. 

Visitor Parking: 

Visitors to campus must check in with Public Safety and obtain a Visitor's Parking Tag.  The tag is to be hung from the vehicle's rearview mirror. Visitors may park on the MEC Driveway.  

Parking for NYMC Applicants

Parking is available for invited NYMC applicants, in the lot directly adjacent to the Alumni House, located at 20 Sunshine Cottage Road.  Parking instructions and a visitor parking permit will be sent to applicants as an attachment to their interview e-mail invitation.  If you do not park at Alumni House and you choose to park in the Visitors' Parking located in front of the MEC, you must obtain a Visitor's Parking permit from the NYMC's Office of Public Safety. 

The College does not reimburse expenses incurred for unauthorized vehicles being booted or towed, or for parking in a pay lot near campus.

Inclement Weather Parking

The following campus parking restrictions will be in place during inclement weather. Your cooperation is appreciated to facilitate the snowplowing and salting of our campus. 

  • No parking on the MEC roadway.
  • No parking in any reserved spaces on campus.
  • No parking in the Alumni House lot.
  • No parking in the Grasslands II Housing circles.
  • No parking on the entire length of Old Farm Road. This is the road between Sunshine Cottage and Vosburgh 
  • Students and employees working or studying in the MEC/BSB during the restricted hours (until the snow removal is completed) should park where indicated on the map below. There are signs indicating "Inclement Weather Parking".

Vehicles that impede snow removal operations may be towed at the owner’s expense. 

Inclement Weather Parking Locations

  • Area A - located nearest to the southwestern corner of the BSB
  • Area B - located along the southern-most facing wall of the BSB
  • Area C - located near the eastern side of the BSB


Illustrated image of campus map showing Inclement Weather Parking Areas