Environmental Health & Safety Video Training Series 




No one intends to have an accident; everyone should know how to respond to one. This video provides guidance for responding to emergencies in the modern biology laboratory. It will introduce new staff to appropriate emergency response procedures and provide a general review in emergency response for the more experienced laboratory worker.

"You can make sure that everyone in the lab is conscious of those possibilities which are foreseeable. And, in a more general sense, make everyone conscious that they are their brother's keeper. …Pay attention to your neighbors. If they're doing something that is unwise, let them know. Keep the corner of your eye open to what's going on - new students, new post docs - what they're up to. Their health is your health and vice versa."

Michael M. Rosbach, Ph.D.

Investigator, HHMI

Procedures are presented for responding to the following emergencies:

  • Laboratory fire
  • Radiation spill
  • Chemical spill
  • Biological spill
  • Personal injury
  • Clothing on fire
  • Skin contamination
  • Eye exposure
  • Cuts and puncture wounds


Viewing time:  12:00 Minutes - Click here to view this video

Produced by Schumann Productions for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Office of Laboratory Safety 


Used with permission