Environmental Health & Safety Video Training Series 




This video provides guidance for the safe handling of mammalian cell cultures. It will introduce new staff to good laboratory practices and provide a meaningful technical review in safety for the more experienced laboratory worker.

"I think that when one is using safe procedures, particularly within the tissue culture arena, that one is actually increasing the likelihood of sterility. By being organized and having the necessary reagents and equipment within the tissue culture environment you can rapidly move cells and decrease the time in which they might be exposed to potential contaminants. Hence, by being efficient and safe, you actually are increasing the sterility of the tissue culture environment."

Christine E. Seidman, M.D.

HHMI Associate Investigator

Brigham & Women's Hospital

Mammalian cell culture preparation is routine in many modern biology laboratories. This task raises two concerns: the safety of the researcher because the cell line may contain an infectious agent, and the integrity of the cell cultures because contamination may ruin the science. The following guidelines will serve both science and safety:

  • Use personal protective equipment
  • Plan and organize your work
  • Remember, moving in and out of the cabinet increases the risk of exposure
  • Use extra caution with sharps
  • When handling mammalian blood or tissue, assume that infectious agents are present
  • Decontaminate work surfaces
  • Dispose of biohazards properly
  • Always wash hands when completing a procedure and before leaving the laboratory


Viewing time:  8:22 Minutes - Click here to view this video

Produced by Schumann Productions for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Office of Laboratory Safety 


Used with permission