Environmental Health & Safety Video Training Series 




This video promotes radiation safety. Random primer labeling for southern hybridization is used to demonstrate the safety principles that apply to the use of radioisotopes in the modern biology laboratory. This video will introduce new staff to good laboratory practices and provide a meaningful technical review in safety for the more experienced laboratory worker. 

"Respect is something that you really want to gain for radioactivity. It's certainly something you wouldn't want to carry out of the laboratory and expose other people to. The thing to keep in mind is that you can contain it and, if you're practicing safe techniques, you are going to have less of a chance of contaminating yourself or a piece of equipment."

Laura G. Brown

Research Technician, HHMI

Whenever working with radiation, keep yourself safe by observing these principles:

  • Know your isotopes
  • Practice ALARA.
  • Time - Distance - Shielding to reduce dose.
  • Use protective equipment.
  • Perform correct monitoring.
  • Know your protocol.


Viewing time:  12:00 Minutes - Click here to view this video

Produced by Schumann Productions for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Office of Laboratory Safety 


Used with permission