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Training and Guidance



The Budget Department offers training to College employees through a variety of channels including quarterly Administrators’ Meetings and the periodic distribution of Helpful Tips.


Administrators' Meetings:

Quarterly meetings and workshops are held, throughout the year, that deal with training, problem solving, college policy and includes general presentations from various Departments, within the College Community.


These meetings provide the UBO an opportunity to gain meaningful insight about Administrator’s overall experience in dealing with budget/accounting related issues, the use of college systems and a platform to effectively communicate college policies and procedures.


Most importantly, these meetings provide a forum to encourage collaboration and networking amongst our peers.


Administrators' Past Meeting Archive:


  • Focus Group Meeting - Held on 02/16/11

Focus Group minutes (Word doc)


  • Workflow Training Workshop- Held on 04/01/11

“What do I Need To Do To Get My Paperwork Approved Without Delay? (PPT slides)




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Page updated: May 8, 2013

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