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A Homeopathic Hospital was founded in 1875 by the New York Department of Public Charities and Correction, later to be called Metropolitan Hospital. It was established on Ward’s Island, opposite Manhattan Island, in buildings which formerly housed the Inebriate Asylum of New York City. From the beginning, Metropolitan Hospital has been affiliated with New York Medical College, and is a designated university hospital. This is the oldest American affiliation between a public hospital and a private medical school. This partnership brings many benefits as all attending physicians also teach, some do research, and they keep current on new developments in medical science. This close supervision also ensures that patients receive the best possible care.

In 1892, a training school for nurses was organized at the hospital. This was the third nursing school to be established in New York City. In 1894, the hospital moved to Blackwell’s Island (name later changed to Roosevelt Island), and the name of the hospital was changed to Metropolitan Hospital. By 1907, the hospital reached a 1300 bed capacity and was the largest general hospital in the United States. Over the years, the hospital continued to grow and expand its scope. From 1949 to 1952, a home care service was instituted, and Metropolitan Hospital quickly grew to have the highest number of home care patients in the city hospital system.

In 1955, Metropolitan Hospital moved yet again to East Harlem. Its new location encompassed two city blocks in Manhattan. The hospital outgrew its new home, and between 1957 and 1965, the facilities were greatly expanded, including the addition of a nurses’ residence. However, the school of nursing closed its doors in 1958.

The hospital recently opened two off-site clinics in diverse neighborhoods in northern Manhattan. Metropolitan Hospital provides comprehensive care for those suffering from asthma and diabetes, and MHC emphasizes outpatient treatment and ambulatory surgery. Metropolitan’s specialty services include a program for developmental and behavioral disorders, a family centered asthma program, a virology program, women’s health services, and youth health services.



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