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The Dermatology Department is affiliated with Metropolitan Hospital, Woodhull Medical Center, Cumberland Medical Center, and Coney Island Hospital. Metropolitan Hospital is the oldest, private medical college, public hospital affiliate in the U. S. The hospital began operating at its current site in 1955. It is part of the Northern Manhattan Health Network of the New York City Health and Hospital Corporation, serving populations of Northern Manhattan and South Bronx. The dermatology training program at Metropolitan Hospital provides a diverse population of patients. The ethnic population includes African Americans, Hispanic, Middle Eastern and a new surge of Caucasians moving to the area. The training program dedicates sessions to general dermatology, pediatric dermatology, dermatologic surgery, mycology, HIV, and other infectious diseases of the skin. There is a phototherapy center for psoriasis as well as a busy Emergency Room and in-patient consultation services.

The hospital has also created a state of the art ambulatory surgery center which is available to dermatology residents for larger procedures that cannot be done in the regular dermatology surgery clinical session.

The ambulatory facility for dermatology was recently expanded to provide necessary resources for clinical training of the added residents. The number of patient visits continues to accelerate. In 2005, the primary site of the training program was transferred to Metropolitan Hospital. Metropolitan Hospital Center has made major contributions to allow the program to relocate, and has provided additional resources for the program including an educational conference room, a dermatology library for the residents and office space for the faculty.

The dermatology training program is also affiliated with Woodhull Medical Center, which is an inner-city hospital located in Brooklyn. Woodhull serves a wide range of ethnic populations to include Eastern European, Middle Eastern, Asian, Hispanic and African American patients. There are sessions dedicated to general dermatology, pediatric dermatology, in-patient consultation, dermatologic surgery and geriatric dermatology. There is one dedicated pediatric dermatology clinic session per week providing pediatric patients for training of the residents, and a large general dermatology population as well. Residents participate in the faculty dermatology sessions weekly. Dermatological surgery procedures are done as part of the general dermatology sessions.

The program also has a training location at Cumberland Medical Center, an outpatient large clinic affiliated with Woodhull Medical Center. In these weekly clinic dates, sessions are dedicated to general dermatology and pediatric dermatology with a wide range of patient diversity.

The program is also affiliated with Coney Island Hospital, located in lower Brooklyn near the famous boardwalk. Coney Island Hospital serves a wide range of ethnicities, offering a diverse group of patients from Russian and Eastern European to African American. Residents also participate in the weekly clinic sessions with faculty members and participate in a variety of general dermatology and dermatological surgery cases.




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