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Welcome message from the Program Leadership

We appreciate your interest in the Department of Medicine at Metropolitan Hospital Center and in our House staff training program. An integral part of New York City's municipal hospital system, Metropolitan Hospital Center is a highly respected facility that provides primary and comprehensive health care to all patients, including the disadvantaged and those without alternative resources. As a result, our trainees encounter the widest possible spectrum of medical problems, from the commonplace to the most obscure and perplexing. Also, because our patients come from socially and culturally diverse backgrounds, our trainees gain valuable insights regarding the cultural and humanistic aspects of medical practice.

A major strength of Metropolitan Hospital Center as a teaching hospital is its unique position as a one of the major university affiliates of New York Medical College. All supervisory attending physicians have concurrent faculty appointments with the medical school. All of the subspecialties of Internal Medicine are represented on-site. Students are a ubiquitous presence on the Medical Service, and the House staff participates fully in student education. We believe this adds an important dimension to our program.

The Department of Medicine at Metropolitan Hospital Center boasts of a long tradition of training competent internists who have pursued successful and prestigious careers. We are not, however, resting on our laurels. We recently reorganized our highly structured teaching program and have initiated changes that provide greatly enhanced experience for our House staff in ambulatory care activities and the management of patients in a continuity care clinic setting. These innovations will enable us to keep pace with the changing times and thoroughly prepare our trainees for virtually any career path in Internal Medicine.

Ours is a program that offers challenging, exciting opportunities and a quality educational experience for our trainees. We invite you to experience our program for yourselves and will consider becoming a member of our professional family.

Shobhana Chaudhari, M.D., FACP
Program Director

Nora Bergasa, M.D., FACP
Chief of Medicine

Jonna Mercado, M.D.
Alexander Sy, M.D.
Associate Program Directors

Nelky Ramirez, M.D.
Deputy Chief of Medicine

Taimur Mirza, M.D.
Assistant Program Director

Ahmed Alansari, M.D.
Maulik Panchal, M.D.
Chief Medical Residents

July 2015

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