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Residency Program Description

The Three-Year Categorical Program

The three-year Categorical Medicine Residency Program is proud to be fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).  It is designed to provide a variety of clinical and didactic experiences that will prepare the trainee for board certification in Internal Medicine and a career as a practicing internist. Experience in Ambulatory Care Medicine is fundamental to the program. This section will review the various clinical rotations that comprise the three-year program, and will then review the principal academic/educational components of the program.

Clinical Rotations

The clinical rotations through each of the three years of residency are designed to provide a broad exposure to all areas in Internal Medicine with progressively increasing supervisory and academic responsibilities. Typical schedules for the PGY-1 through PGY-3 years are below.

Post-Graduate Year 1 (Categorical) Rotation
Medical Service (Wards) 5 months
Medical Intensive Care (MICU) 1 month
Cardiac Intensive Care (CCU)/Cardiology 1 month
Night Float 1 month
Emergency Department 1 month
Ambulatory Care (R1) 2 months
Vacation                                 1 month
Post-Graduate Year 2 Rotations
Medical Service (Wards) 4 months
Medical Intensive Care (MICU) 1 month
Night Float 1.5 months
Subspecialty rotations 1 months
Rheumatology / Geriatric 1 month
Neurology 1 month
Ambulatory Care (R2) 1.5 months
Vacation 1 month
Post-Graduate Year 3 Rotations
Medical Intensive Care (MICU) 1 months
Cardiac Intensive Care (CCU) 1 month
Ambulatory Care (R3) 1.5 months
Medical Admitting Resident (MAR)* 1 month
Medical Consultation Service 1 month
Night Float (MICU) 1 month
Subspecialty Rotation 3.5 months
Geriatric Consults 1 month
Vacation 1 month

*Residents are scheduled for one week in Cardiac Cath unit at Bellevue Medical Center.

The One-Year Preliminary Program

This year is intended for individuals interested in a year of Internal Medicine training, prior to entering another specialty, such as Anesthesiology, Ophthalmology, Emergency Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, and Neurology.  There are different NRMP numbers and match lists for this program.  Listed below are the rotations for this program.

Medical Service (Wards) 5 months
Medical Intensive Care (MICU) 2 months
Night Float 1.5 months
Emergency Department  1 month
Cardiology 0.5 months
Neurology 1 month
Vacation 1 month


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