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Academic Program

The academic/educational components of our program are outlined below, followed by a brief discussion.

Daily Academic Activities
Daily Work Rounds 7 AM to 8 AM
Morning Report         8 AM to 9 AM (4x/ week)
Ward/ICU Attending Teaching Rounds        9 AM to 11 AM
Ward/ICU Multidiciplinary Rounds 11 AM to 12 PM.
Noon Conferences    12 PM to 1 PM

The most senior member of the ward or ICU teams conduct daily work rounds with the rest of the house staff team. They visit patients, examine them and discuss each patient’s progress, hospital course and the management plan. During Teaching and Management rounds, the Attending Physician and the team discuss new admissions, review old cases, and formulate their diagnostic and therapeutic plan for the day. Monrning Report is the crown of the educational activity of the day.

Senior residents discuss interesting and challenging cases. During this daily conference, the house staff is encouraged to exercise various principles of evidence-based medicine and critical appraisal of medical literature. Other emphases include cost effective medicine, Pathophysiology of disease, differential diagnosis, interpretation of clinical data, efficient diagnostic strategies, and evidence-based therapeutic strategies. Once a month Interns present the Morning Report which is a way of improving their communications skills.

The Core Curriculum is presented in daily Noon Conferences, which are required for all residents. It includes topics from the different subspecialties in Internal Medicine, Primary Care Medicine, and critical appraisal of medical literature, Medical Documentation, coding and billing, as well as other areas such as Pain and Palliative, Radiology, office Gynecology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, ENT, Orthopedics, Adolescent Medicine, and Dermatology. Each month, during a designated time period, Journal Club and Morbidity and Mortality (M&M) Conferences substitute for Noon Conferences.

Weekly Academic Activities
Medical Grand Rounds         Thursday mornings      
Harrison's Club         Wednesday/Thursday afternoons
Professor Rounds Wednesday afternoons
Medical Jeopardy Quarterly
Board Review Sessions Monthly   

Medical Grand Rounds are held weekly for the faculty, house staff and students.  They feature a speaker from our Faculty, from our sponsoring medical school, New York Medical College or from other prestigious institutions.

Harrison's Club involves both the categorical and preliminary interns.  It entails topic discussions from Harrison’s Textbook of Medicine, including review of literature from various up-to-date databases.

Board Review courses are conducted by the institution’s faculty, specifically for outgoing PGY-3 residents, with emphasis on honing test-taking skills.             

Scholarly Activity

All residents are encouraged to participate in clinical research, under the supervision of our faculty. A particular emphasis of the program is for residents to develop lifelong learning skills in order to provide state-of-the-art health care throughout their careers. Understanding principles of study design, clinical epidemiology, computer skills, systematic critical appraisal of the medical literature and evidence-based medicine are becoming increasingly important in the practice of medicine. By the end of their training, every resident must demonstrate these skills by completing and approved scholarly activity which is presented in a Resident conference.

Fellowship Programs

Nephrology, GI, and Palliative care fellowship positions are based at Metropolitan Hospital. Other major Fellowship programs are integrated with Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, NY (Pulmonary/Critial care, ID, Heme/Onc). Section Chiefs should be contacted for the details of each of the fellowship programs.

Where do Candidates go?

Every year, half or more of the residents prefer to find jobs in primary care or hospitalist medicine. The rest go into fellowship.

Fellowships – December 2014
Partha Sardar - Cardiology - University of Utah
Federico Trobo - Cardiology - Northeast University of Ohio
Palash Samanta - Infectious Disease - UPMC
Kashmira Wankhedkar - Rheumatology - University of Cincinnati
Augusto Bueno - Geriatrics - Jackson Memorial Hospital
Yamanic Alvarez - Pulmonary/Critical Care - Westchester Medical Center
Anitsira Collado - Nephrology - Westchester Medical Center





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