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All fellows are expected to formulate, carry out, and complete at least one research project during the three year fellowship.  The projects will be supervised by a cardiology faculty member and fit into the overall research program of the Division.  Formal submission and presentation of the fellow's work in a format suitable for publication is required.  Travel is supported for fellows to present their work at regional and national meetings.  The Senior Research Mentor for our cardiology fellows is Dr. Wilbert Aronow, one of the most widely respected and prolific clinical researchers in the world.  Dr. Aronow’s CV includes over 1400 peer-reviewed publications (4th most worldwide), the majority of which have involved trainees.  Under his tutelage, our fellows have had tremendous success in the research arena, with presentations at all major national and international venues.  In addition, every cardiology fellow in the past 14 years has authored at least 1 PubMed publication during their training.





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