Third-Year Clerkship

The Medicine Clerkship comprises 12 weeks of intensive teaching, lecturing, and most importantly, patient care. The program is designed to provide you with a solid foundation of medical knowledge that you can use in any field that you choose. The goal of the program is to train you to become a qualified, competent, and compassionate physician. We also hope it will provide you with a knowledge base which will help you to alleviate suffering, prevent disease, and when appropriate, provide end-of-life care. Remember, during your three months on the floors, you will help care and manage many different patients. Your care is not insignificant. You will quickly learn that the patients will rely on your opinion and expect you to be their advocate. It is in these interactions that not only will you grow as a physician, but you will quickly realize that being a doctor requires more than knowledge. It requires a person who is altruistic and compassionate, who is capable of, at times, placing the interest of your patients above your own. Learn from your patients. Finally, read about your cases. Years from now, you will not remember the pages from Cecil's you committed to memory for the miniboard. You will remember every case you admitted and worked up. Be aggressive, Ask questions. Study hard. Read! Get involved and learn to enjoy Medicine. We are always available to you for any problems.


The Third-Year Clerkship course material is in digital format and is easily accessible to third-year medical students.


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Third-Year Clerkship:

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