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Specific Program Requirements (Hegis Code 0411)

A minimum of 45 course credits plus 15 dissertation research credits is required. A program of study for each student will be designed in consultation with the graduate program director, but it will follow the general guidelines listed below. A maximum of six technique course credits (MICRO 9100 - 9190) may be counted toward the degree requirements. The student is required to enroll in the Departmental Seminar (MICRO 8020) each semester but only four credits can be counted toward the degree requirements. Students are expected to teach at least two years in the Medical Microbiology laboratory after passing the course themselves.

Required Courses


General Biochemistry I or II (BIOC 1010 or 1020)

4 credits

Cell Biology (CELL 1360)

3 credits

Medical Microbiology (MICRO 1410)

8 credits

Departmental Seminar (MICRO 8020)

4 credits

Core Courses

(minimum of 9 credits)

Basic Immunology (MICRO 2010)

2 credits

Advanced Immunology (MICRO 2020)

2 credits

Virology (MICRO 2110)

3 credits

Microbial Genetics (MICRO 2120)

3 credits

Microbial Pathogenicity (MICRO 2140)

2 credits

Molecular Biology (MICRO 2210)

3 credits

Molecular Biology & Immunology of Tumor Cells (MICRO 2310)

2 credits


Techniques courses (MICRO 9100 9190)

up to 6 credits

Didactic Courses

11-17 credits

Subtotal, course credits
45 credits

Doctoral Dissertation Research (MICRO 9900)

15 credits


60 credits

Qualifying Examination

Students in good academic standing can take the Qualifying Examination after completing 30 credits of didactic coursework, including Medical Microbiology (MICRO 1410), with the approval of the faculty. The examination consists of a written research proposal, using the model of a fellowship application, that serves as the basis for an oral examination by the program faculty.

Dissertation Committee

The Dissertation Committee consists of at least five members including the studentís sponsor, the Department Chairman or his appointed representative, and one member of the graduate faculty from outside the department. The committee may include a qualified scientist from outside the College. The sponsor serves as the chair of the committee.


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