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The Maintenance & Grounds staff responds to a great amount of calls every day. Many of these calls are considered high priority emergencies, so please be patient when requesting minor repairs. Some requests have priority over others. For example, a small flood will logically take priority over a request for shelves. Emergencies aside, we always try to get all of your concerns taken care of in a timely fashion.

To best ensure that your request is handled properly, complete an on-line Work Order Request form.

Please make sure that all information is provided on the form. Failure to provide all information will delay your request. PLEASE INCLUDE AN ACCOUNT NUMBER. Although Facilities does not charge your department for most routine maintenance, some requests require excess materials and labor and may be charged back to your account. Putting down an account number does not mean that your department will automatically be charged, it just enables us to cross-reference all the work requests that your department has made. This allows us to look up past work orders at your request.

Facilities Management will confirm that your request was received. Even in the best of situations, things sometimes slip through. Please make sure that your request is being taken care of.

Please be reasonable in your expectations. Asking that shelves be built tomorrow or that your office be painted in an hour is not feasible. Certain requests need to be scheduled. Please contact Rosanna Ciervo with any questions at x4572 or via e-mail


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