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NYMC Recycling Program

A.  Purpose: 

To provide for a College Recycling Program.


New York Medical College is enhancing its recycling program to comply with the Westchester County Recycling Law.  To simplify the recycling efforts at the College we will be employing Single Steam recycling.  Single Stream Recycling is a technology that allows participants to place all of their recyclables such as fiber (newspaper, office paper and cardboard) and non-fiber (plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, steel and aluminum cans) into a single container for subsequent collection, processing and remarketing.  There is no sorting of materials into separate bins.

Under this new plan, all recyclables will be collected from set locations such as blue recycling containers besides desks, in copy rooms, hallways, office kitchens or lounge areas.  These items are collected throughout the building by Housekeeping Staff and brought to the outside recycling dumpsters for pickup. 

C.  Types of Recyclable Materials:

Acceptable Materials                                    Unacceptable Materials

Flattened Cardboard                                        Food Waste

Magazines                                                        Soiled Materials

Office Paper                                                      Paper Towels and Cups

Junk Mail                                                           Food Wrappers

Phone Books                                                    Detergent, Solvent, or Chemical Containers

Paperboard                                                      Paint Cans

Brown paper Bags                                            Pottery

Newspaper                                                       Ceramic

Plastic Bottles                                                   Lab Glass

Glass Bottles and Jars                                      Light Bulbs

Aluminum Cans                                                 Plastic Bags

Aluminum Foil and Pie Tins                                Wood

Steel Cans and Empty Aerosol Cans                Toner Cartridges

Shredded Paper

D.  Responsibilities:  All parties at the College have a role in the Recycling process, as follows:

1.  Faculty, Staff, and Students:  The College Community shall separate their recycled items from trash/garbage and place them in the correct containers.  Recyclable materials shall be deposited in blue containers that are marked for this purpose.  These containers are located in hallways, office kitchens, and/or lounge areas, beside the desks of faculty and staff, in copy rooms, computer labs.  Cardboard boxes shall be flattened and left next to the blue recycling containers.  Plastic wrapping and Styrofoam shall first be removed from the boxes and discarded as trash.  Please assist the recycling effort by not depositing rubbish of any sort in the blue recycling containers.  The collection dumpsters on site are for College generated trash or recyclables only.  Trash and recyclables generated offsite/at home should be handled, collected,  and discarded properly at their source.

2.  Housekeeping Staff:  The Housekeeping Staff is responsible for collecting the recycled materials from the blue containers and the flattened discarded cardboard boxes left next to blue recycling containers.  Any plastic wrappings or styrofoam packing left in the boxes must be discarded as trash. The Housekeeping staff will transport the collected recyclables to the appropriate recycling dumpsters for pickup.

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