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  • General Information – provide an opportunity for info seekers to browse the campus via a "virtual tour". By uploading CAD-based 3-D site and building data, viewers could locate particular offices, labs, personnel, parking facilities etc. Current CAD files could be translated and exported to web-formatted apps.
  • Space & Occupancy Reporting – current data (reports & plans) could be provided to individuals with proper clearance. Statistics, comparative charts, furniture & equipment inventories could be accessed etc.
  • Interactive Space Request Forms – users would "place" orders for space. Basic form would be completed on-line i.e. # and kind of workspaces required, adjacency reqts., etc. In addition, a graphic space reservation system could be implemented for short-term facility needs (conference, classrooms, lab, etc.).
  • Interactive Space Planning – users could supply basic data regarding current space use, see how layouts would work in different locations or with different space or furniture/equipment Standards.


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