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Reporting Compliance Concerns

The Compliance Helpline is one aspect of the College’s Institutional Compliance Program. Faculty, employees and students who, in good faith, have concerns relating to possible violations with government or external agency laws or regulations, University’s policies or with errors or irregularities in the University’s financial accounting practices or policies are encouraged to report them by choosing any of the following options: 

Local Resolution

The best place to raise a concern typically begins within your own department or unit through ordinary management or supervisory channels, beginning with an immediate supervisor, instructor or adviser.  Usually, the local department or unit is the most familiar with the issues and parties and best equipped to address or raise a concern to a higher level.  The Compliance Directory (login required) also identifies a specific compliance coordinator to handle certain kinds of problems.

Institutional Compliance Officer or Compliance Director

Sometimes, because of the subject matter or due to work or personal relationships, concerns may best be raised with the Institutional Compliance Officer or the Compliance Director.  You can reach the University’s Institutional Compliance Officer or the Compliance Director at 914-594-4567 or by email at or

Compliance Helpline

If you are uncomfortable raising compliance concerns through the normal channels listed above, you may use the Compliance Helpline, provided by The Network ReportLine, an independent company that furnishes similar services for hundreds of companies and universities.  A call to the Compliance Helpline can also be anonymous.

What not to Report:

Report emergencies to 911 and to the College’s Security Office, and not to the Compliance Hotline.  Disputes or disagreements with supervisors regarding performance evaluations, wage increases, grievances or other employment concerns that do not involve legal or policy violations, or issues that the University is not reasonably responsible for, are also not to be reported through the Compliance Hotline.  Purely student issues such as housing, financial aid, academic misconduct, and other student affairs issues should be raised directly with the responsible University office associated with that issue.  

Your Obligations as a Reporter:

University faculty, employees and students are expected to act in good faith, report on concerns that are reasonably considered to be in possible violation of any law, regulation or University policy governing any University activity, and are expected to be truthful and cooperative in the University's investigation of allegations.  Such good faith reports will not jeopardize employment or academic standing.  Making reports in bad faith, knowingly making false reports or providing false or untruthful information during an investigation can lead to discipline, including if warranted, termination. 

How to Use the Compliance Helpline:

The Compliance Helpline (login required) is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.


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