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Service of Process of Legal Documents

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All legal documents including any subpoena, summons and complaint, wage garnishment or attachment naming New York Medical College must immediately be forwarded and referred to the Office of General Counsel of New York Medical College. Except for the Office of the General Counsel, no employee, office, department, division, center or institute of the New York Medical College is authorized to accept service of any legal documents on behalf of New York Medical College.

In general, there are three types of legal documents that might be delivered by a process server or received by mail.

A subpoena requires a person or institution to provide testimony and/or documents as part of a legal proceeding, such as a deposition, trial, or investigation.

Summons and Complaint:
A summons and complaint serve as notice that a lawsuit has been filed against a person or institution.

Wage Garnishment or Attachment:
A wage garnishment or attachment requires an employer to withhold some portion of an employee’s wages so that the funds can be applied to a monetary obligation, such as child support.

In the event a process server attempts to serve any of these legal documents, you should not accept service and inform the process server that he or she must bring the documents to the Office of the General Counsel, Administration Building, 2nd Floor. If you receive any of these legal documents in the mail, you should immediately contact the OGC immediately (594-4567).

Your compliance with the above will avoid a delayed response to these documents which can have serious and adverse legal consequences.


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