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The Echocardiography Laboratory at The Children's Hospital at Westchester Medical Center utilizes state-of-the-art technology and registered sonography personnel to assess cardiac anatomy and function in children, adolescents and adults with congenital heart disease. In addition, fetal cardiac assessment is routinely performed. Services are provided in multiple locations, includint The Children's Hospital, The Medical Arts Atrium at 19 Bradhurst Avenue, the Labor and Maternity Ward (University Hospital), and at our many off-campus atellite locations throughout the Hudson Valley region.

A total of approximately 5000-6000 echocardiograms are performed annually, including over 600 fetal echocardiograms. In addition, a number of affiliate hospital pediatric echocardiograms are routinely performed (off-campus) by other hospital echocardiography laboratories and interpreted by our staff.

The fetal cardiology program encompasses a multidisciplinary approach in evaluation the unborn child with potential or suspected heart disease. The standard "screening" fetal echocardiogram, which is indicated for a number of different antenatal risk factors or abnormal pregnancy states, is performed at approximately 18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy. When indicated (usually in the setting of an abnormal fetal cardiac evaluation), counseling and consultation with appropriate services are provided (e.g. Medical Genetics and Metabolism, Perinatology, Neonatology, Cardiovascular Surgery, as well as from our nurse clinician and pediatric cardiology social worker). This "team" approach allows optimization of perinatal treatment for both mother and baby.

In addition to transthoacic and fetal 2-dimensional Dopplar and M-mode studies, transesophageal echocardiography ("T.E.E.") is regularly performed throughout The Children's Hospital at locations including the operating room, the catheterization laboratory, and ambulatory or outpatient areas. The cardiac anesthesia service provides the sedation and analgesia service provides the sedation and analgesia required during the procedure.

Echocardography - Physician Staff

Gary M. Satou, M.D. Medical Director
Bernard G. Fish, M.D.
Michael H. Gewitz, M.D.
Gilbert Herzberg, M.D.
Usha Krishnan, M.D.

Echocardiography - Sonographer/Technical Staff

Paul D. Burleson, B.S., RDCS, Technical Director
Michael Scotten, RDCS
Sandra Thompson
Amy Weldon, RDCS

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