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Dear Parents,

The Pediatric Cardiovascular program at the Children's Hospital at Westchester Medical Center has completed over two decades of service to the childrenof our region and their families. From an initial staff of two pediatric cardiologists, the program has grown to include not only 14 specialists in children's cardiovascular problems, but also an active heart surgeon, specialist nurse clinicians and nurse practitioners, dedicated technologists and an experienced cardiology social worker, all excusively devoted to advancing care for children with congenital and acquired circulatory problems. An important part of that mission is the enduring commitment to the support of the families of those children and of those who provide ongoing primary care for them.

Each year, over 4000 children are cared for by our Pediatric Cardiovasular Team, who employ the full range of technological science available coupled with the empathetic support needed to yield as high a rate of successful outcomes as available anywhere.

This site introduces you to the Pediatric Cardiovascular Team. We hope you will consider it as an open invitation to get to know us better so that we may help your and your child get through this important time with as light a burden as possible. We are here to help you too:
  • to be a resource for you
  • to be your child's advocate
  • to be a medical or surgical provider
This site is your starting point in this process. Please use it to help you ask the right questions and open the doors to the answers you need in the care of your child.


Michael Gewitz, MD
Director of Pediatrics
Chief of Pediatric Cardiology
Westchester Medical Center


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