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Samantha's Story

My dad and I were looking at fish. Some of them are really cool!

This is my tour at the hospital with Trisha

I met one of the nurses that take care of you after your operation

This tube was to practice breathing. I had to suck in and blowout to make my lungs strong.

Trisha is showing me the playroom. Your mom or dad can take a game from here to play with you.

This is the admitting desk. You go there in the morning before your operation.

This is Steve and me. He is a nurse. He asked me and my parents some questions.

This is when I got my checkup with Louise a couple of days before my operation.

I got to listen to Louis's heart with the stethoscope.

This is the day of my surgery. You have to be at the hospital really early in the morning.

The nurse weighed me on the scale.

This is what I brought with me to the hospital. A picture of me and my dad and my seal. Can we cut the image on the left side?

They are taking me to the operating room.

We were talking to the operating room nurse and waiting for Dr. Kumar, the anesthesiologist.

I was feeling a little bit scared

Dr. Kumar let me hold the mask of sleep medicine on my mouth. My mom was there with me.

My mom and dad were making phone calls to let everyone know the surgery was over and I was fine.

My surgeon was talking to my mom and dad and let them know exactly what he did and how it went.

Dr. Permut and Dr. Gewitz were discussing the surgery with my mom and dad.

I am in my room after the operation.

This is the card I made for my surgeon after my surgery. I could barely write.

I was having my echocardiogram. Can we cut out the frowning tech on the left? She didn't know she was in the photo and wants it out.

This is my check up 2 weeks late at Dr. Gewitz's office.

This is me and my mom waiting for Dr. Gewitz. Can we insert a Children's Hospital graphic on the blank bulletin board?

This is me. I was feeling much better 2 weeks later!

This is me, mommy, daddy and Dr. Gewitz. Same graphic on bulletin board here as on 2455.

This is Dr. Gewitz tickling me and checking my scar.

This is Jean putting some cream and a Band-Aid on my scar.

This is Jean listening to my heart.

I'm getting my EKG with Sandra.

This is me and Dr. Gewitz


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