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Pediatric Endocrinology

Office Locations
Scheduling Appointments
Research Program
Department of Pediatrics

How to Schedule Appointments

We are opened Monday through Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm.
Please find the location you wish to be seen at, and call the corresponding number to schedule an appointment:

(914) 366-3400, ext 102
Phelps Memorial Hospital (Sleepy Hollow, NY)
Bradhurst (Hawthorne, NY)
Good Samaritan Hospital (Suffern, NY)
Middletown Office (Middletown, NY).

(914) 366-3400, ext 102 / (718) 376-2411, ext 102
St. Vincent’s Hospital Office (Staten Island)

(718) 231-6565 - Maureen or Kathy:
Woodlawn Office (Bronx, NY)

• Cedar Wood Clinic - (914) 493-7569
• Sound Shore Pediatric Clinic - (914) 632-5000 ext. 3064
• St. Vincent’s (Staten Island) Clinic – (718) 818-4570
• Our Lady of Mercy Clinic – (347) 3414300

Physician Referrals

Physicians wishing to refer patients for consultation to the Pediatric Endocrinology Division should call 914-366-3400, and follow the prompts for a physician. If the patient needs to be seen sooner than the next available opening, the endocrinologist on call will generally see the patient as soon as possible at the request of the referring physician. This can be arranged immediately, if necessary. An attending endocrinologist is always on call and available for consultation.

Our division office will generally request that the patient come with available medical records, including laboratory results and x-rays. This greatly improves our ability to provide you with the best consultation and often saves the patient from repeating lab work or radiographs. Also, we ask that you please arrive early for your office visit; 20-30 minutes early for a new patient appointment and 15 minutes early for a follow appointment. The endocrine team would greatly appreciate this, as it will leave time for the patient to fill out paperwork and have the patient’s height and weight taken before visiting with the Doctor or Nurse Practitioner. Finally, prior approval for visits, referrals, anticipated studies, and hospitalizations, if required, must always be obtained from the patient’s primary care provider before the patient is seen.

Phone Consultations

The physicians of the Division of Pediatric Endocrinology are always happy to take phone consultations about patients previously seen here or about problem endocrine patients. However, we cannot generally make management recommendations for patients who have never been seen by our service or patients not scheduled for new follow-up evaluations with us.


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