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Security - Campus Emergency Blue Phones

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Valhalla Campus Emergency Blue phones are located at the following locations:

  • Student Housing Security Booth

  • Grasslands East Parking Lot #3 - North End Walkway

  • Grasslands East Parking Lot #3 - South End Island

  • Grasslands West Parking Lot #2 - Entrance

  • Grassland West Parking Lot #2 - Rear Path

  • Alumni House Walkway to MEC Circle

  • Main Entrance

  • MEC Bldg. - Circle

  • Between Vosburgh and Munger near Roadway Parking

  • Munger Path / Walkway to Sunshine Bldg.
  • Munger Pavilion Main Entrance
  • Cedarwood Walkway Enter/Exit
  • BSB East Parking Lot #1 Designated Assembly Area
  • BSB East Parking Lot #1 Fire Zone Corner
  • BSB West Parking Lot #1  BSB Entrance Area Grass Island
  • BSB Parking Lot #1 near the Basketball Court