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October 9, 2013

Group Event Location Contact Description
11:00 am - -- General Medical Pharmacology Seminar BSB Room 511
Dept of Pharmacology
"New Insights into Acute and Chronic Responses to Stress" Esther L. Sabban, PhD, professor of biochemistry & molecular biology, NYMC
8:00 am - -- General Medical Pediatric Grand Rounds CWPW Conf Ctr, 1st Fl, MFCH
Dept of Pediatrics
“What’s an Environmentalist doing in the NICU?” Cynthia F Bearer, MD, PhD, FAAP, Mary Gray Cobey Endowed Prof of Neonatology, Chief, Div of Neonatology, Assoc Chair of Research, Dept of Peds, Univ of Maryland School of Medicine, Chair, Bd of Director
8:00 am - 9:00 am General Medical Gastroenterology Seminar Munger Room 238
Dept of Med, Div of Gastroent
“Imaging of Gastrointestinal Diseases” Stuart Bentley-Hibbert, MD, PhD, Assoc Prof of Radiology, NYMC, Dir, Body MRI, WMC. Drs. Chau Che, Amy Tyberg, Maria Kassab & Ayesha Zahiruddin will give their ACG Abstract Presentations from Annual ACG Mtg
9:00 am - 10:30 am General Medical Grand Rounds SHSP Room 204
Dept of Med, Div of Infect Diseases
Case presentations by infectious diseases fellows
4:00 pm - -- General Medical Grand Rounds Munger Room 238
Dept of Neurology
"Regional Tick-borne Infections/ Conditions” Gary P Wormser, MD, Prof of Medicine & Pharmacology, Vice Chair of Med for Research & Development, NYMC, Chief, Div of Infectious Disease, WMC