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Denise C. Tahara, M.B.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
of Health Policy & Management

Email: denise_tahara@nymc.edu

Phone: (914) 594-2039


Department of Public Health 
School of Health Sciences and Practice
Skyline Building Room 2N-B06 
Valhalla, NY 10595

Professional Interests:

Before joining NYMC full time, Dr. Tahara was an independent consultant working to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery systems. Projects include improving billing and collections for a nursing home system, including correcting and resubmitting denied Medicare and Medicaid claims, reducing bad debt expense. Working with performance improvement teams at a home healthcare agency, she streamlined the reporting and analysis of quality indicators and implemented new methods to improve patient safety. At a large auto insurance company, she worked with a team to streamline the claims process, utilizing scanned/imaged documents, reducing paper flow and also updating client data records. Dr. Tahara has also worked with area hospitals to develop business plans to expand their programs and the corresponding metrics to measure the performance. This resulted in the approval of a residency program with NYMC and creation of new specialty programs at the hospitals. Currently, Dr. Tahara works with organizations on performance improvement, integrative care, and food insecurity.  She helps them leverage existing resources to innovate and engage; create strategic partnerships with local community leaders; and invest community members in the long-term health of their neighborhoods.

Performance improvement through system transformation continues to be her primary area of research. Other areas of research include public health and food security, improving birth outcomes and maternal health through preconception healthcare, team-based approaches to integrating chronic disease care, pediatric obesity and chronic diseases management, educating the public about healthy lifestyle choices and increasing sustainability practices in healthcare. Dr. Tahara received her BS from Cornell University, her MBA and PhD from New York University and her CPA from New York State. While at NYU Dr. Tahara studied operations management and quality improvement with Dr. Deming.

Education Profile:

Graduate Degree: M.B.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.  
Graduate Degree Institution: New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business (MBA); NYU Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service (M.Phil, Ph.D.)
Undergraduate Institution: Cornell University

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Recent Invited Presentations:

Kuo, D., Ruud, C. and Tahara, D. The Range of Care Coordination Needs of Children with Medical Complexity.  Pediatric Academic Societies May 5-8, 2018.  Toronto, Canada.

Tahara, D. and Krepcho, D.  Creating Community Capacity to Build Food Security.  AMI Conference, April 19-21, 2018.  Colorado Springs, CO.

Tahara, D. and Cahana, A.  The Opioid Crisis as a Syndemic:  Engaging Patients and Providers in Community-based Solutions.  New York State Public Health Association Webinar, June 21, 2017.

Hixson, T. and Tahara, D.  Going Lean to Improve System Performance and Patient Care.  New York State Public Health Association Annual Meeting, April 21-22, 2016, Cooperstown, NY.

Tahara, D.  Strategic Design of Health and Wellbeing.  Association for Managers of Innovation Spring 2016 Conference. April 6-8, 2016.  Greensboro, NC.

Tahara, D.  Integrating the Principles of Patient-Centered Care.  Presenter and Panel Moderator.  Health Leaders of New York Monthly Educational Meeting.  May 7, 2015. New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY.

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Tahara, D. and Sprouse, A.  Pediatric Obesity and the Strategic Design of Patient Care. New York State Public Health Association Workshop:  Creating Effective Partnerships to End Childhood Obesity, October 7, 2013 Albany, New York

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