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Community Involvement

‌We believe in active learning, not only training the healthcare professionals of tomorrow in their specialties, but training them in the communities where they will someday practice. That's why the College is deeply involved in its surrounding communities, holding clinics for the impoverished and underserved, mentoring middle- and high-school students, as well as their teachers, and working with the disabled. 

New York Medical College brings its students, its research, and its skills to neighborhoods throughout Westchester and the surrounding area.

We're in New York City, teaching new physicians about potential barriers to healthcare delivery, while giving them the opportunity to work in community-based clinics, like La Casita de Salud in East Harlem, which provides essential care to its largely indigent and underinsured residents.

We're teaching teachers through "Frontiers in Physiology", the American Physiological Society (APS) program that provides laboratory research experience to middle and high school teachers so they can share with their students a greater understanding of science. 

And we're advocating for the disabled, hosting the annual Race for Rehab, which raises funds for the Achilles Track Club, a worldwide organization that encourages people with physical challenges to participate in running events, regardless of speed, level of ability or age. 

No education can thrive in a vacuum. Great books, teachers, buildings and equipment are not enough. Learning needs an outlet. It needs application. It needs action. New York Medical College provides more than education in medicine and the health sciences. It provides direct involvement in the world of medicine, public health, and basic medical science. It provides learning in the truest sense of the word, by engaging students in their world. It is more than a school. It is a member of the community it serves.