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Code of Conduct

Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences
Regulations Regarding Student Conduct

Graduate School Student Rights & Responsibilities

The graduate programs of the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences (“the Graduate School”) are intended to provide their students with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue careers in the biomedical sciences and/or in fields allied with the biomedical sciences.  Students who enroll in one of these academic programs have certain legitimate expectations (or rights) regarding the educational program they are undertaking, and also assume certain responsibilities.  This document outlines these rights and responsibilities in general terms by establishing principles that are intended to serve as guidelines for the student’s experience at NYMC.  This document does not replace or supersede other documents that specify graduate school and/or college policies with regard to academic rules and regulations, student financial aid, employee rights and conditions of employment, maintenance of a safe working environment, discrimination, or sexual harassment.

Graduate School Appeals Board

The purpose of the GSAB is to review appeals brought by graduate students of decisions made by College representatives concerning:

  1. retention in graduate programs,
  2. charges of academic misconduct or dishonesty, and
  3. selected other issues related to graduate education as deemed appropriate to forward to the GSAB by the Dean of the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences, the Chancellor, or other college officials. 

Student Code of Academic Integrity and Professionalism

(Excerpted from the preamble to the Student Code)

“Academic integrity and respect for the dignity of the individual are essential in any educational endeavor.  In scholarly endeavors, all participants must commit themselves to truthfulness and honesty in the search for new insight and knowledge.  In addition, honesty, integrity and respect in all interactions with colleagues, peers, teachers and support staff, as well as with patients and their families, are essential professional attributes. 

By accepting admission to New York Medical College, students commit to the ideals, ethics and appropriate conduct of their chosen profession.” 

The NYMC Student Code of Academic Integrity and Professionalism outlines general areas of conduct that are expected, and types of conduct that are prohibited, of all students at NYMC.  Examples of inappropriate conduct are offered as guidelines, with the understanding that no policy can specify all possible behaviors or cover all possible mitigating circumstances. 

Graduate School Academic Integrity Violations Procedures

New York Medical College has adopted a college-wide Student Code of Academic Integrity and Professionalism designed to outline general ethical and professional behavior for students in all three schools within the college.  Whereas the Code is intended to apply to students in all schools, however, each school should have its own procedures for reviewing and adjudicating allegations of violations of the Code. 

Allegations of violations of this Student Code or of other policies regulating student conduct by students in the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences will be adjudicated in the attached policy.

Other Policies

Additional policies that apply to all New York Medical College students, including those in the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences, can be found on our Administrative Policies page.

Changes in Policies

New York Medical College reserves the right to change policies and procedures at any time and without prior notice. Errors and omissions in published documents (written or electronic) may be corrected at any time.