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Program Curriculum

Specific Program Requirements (Hegis Code 1223)

Students in the Clinical Laboratory Sciences program will complete the training in clinical laboratory locations during the day and the didactic coursework at New York Medical College in the evening. After one year of coursework and clinical training has been successfully completed, students may be eligible to apply for a New York State provisional permit. Upon receipt, this permit will allow employment, within New York, as a clinical laboratory scientist while studies toward a Master of Science degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences continue. 

Year 1
Fall Semester
Required Courses  
  Introduction to CLS (PATM 4010) 2 credits
  Clinical Chemistry (PATM 4020) 2.5 credits
  Clinical Hematology (PATM 4030) 3 credits
  Clinical Immunology/Serology/HLA (PATM 4040) 2 credits
  Clinical Urinalysis and Body Fluids (PATM 4050) 1 credit
  Clinical Practicum I OR II (PATM 7410, 7420)  11 credits
Year 1
Spring Semester
Required Courses  
  CLS Management (PATM 4100) .5 credits
  Clinical Immunohematology (PATM 4060) 1.5 credits
  Clinical Microbiology I & II (PATM 4070, 4080) 4 credits
  Clinical Molecular Diagnostics (PATM 4090) 1 credit
  Clinical Practicum I OR II (PATM 7410, 7420)  11 credits
  Research Design/Journal Club (PATM 4110) 2 credits
Year 2
Fall / Spring
Required Courses  
  Master's Literature Review (PATM 9750) OR
     Master's Clinical Capstone Report (PATM 9770)
0 credits
0 credits
  TOTAL 41.5 credits


Clinical Practicum dates are subject to modification based on Clinical Laboratory internship availability.

Degree Requirements

Students complete 41.5 academic credits within a single academic year (July through mid-June). An overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.00 or better is required before a degree can be awarded. Final degree conferral is dependent on the submission of an approved Master's Literature Review or Master's Clinical Capstone Report.

It is, in practical terms, not possible to complete all degree requirements (courses, literature review or capstone report) within one calendar year.