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Program Curriculum

Students in the dental linker program must complete 30 academic credits within a single academic year.  

(July - October) Required Courses  
  Dental Biochemistry (BCHM 1310) 4 credits
(October - January) Required Courses  
  Dental Physiology (PHYM 1310) 7 credits
(August - December) Required Courses  
  Lectures in Histology (CBAM 1320) 3 credits
  Laboratory in Histology (CBAM 1330) 2 credits
  Critical Analysis (BMSM 8041) 1 credit
  Effective Scientific Writing (BMSM 8030) 1 credit
(January - May) Required Courses  
  Cell Biology (CBAM 1360) 3 credits
  Interdiscilpinary Seminar (BMSM 8042) 1 credit
  Research for Master's Lit Review (BMSM 9701) 1 credit
(January - June) Required Courses  
  Dental Anatomy I (CBAM 1380) 4 credits
  Dental Anatomy II (CBAM 1390) 3 credits
  Master's Literature Review (BMSM 9750) 0 credits
  TOTAL 30 credits

Degree Requirements

Students complete the course work between July and mid-June. An overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.00 or better is required before a degree can be awarded. Students who gain admission to a dental school for the subsequent fall term may elect to complete a literature review over the summer period and receive their degree in August or December. This task may also be deferred until the following summer, which would delay the awarding of the degree until the following year.