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Students & Faculty

Statement of academic freedom
This statement outlines the commitment of the college to academic freedom in the pursuit of its educational and research missions.

Statement on plagiarism
Plagiarism is one of the major categories of scientific misconduct, but it is also a serious breach of ethical standards in its own right. This is the GSBMS statement on plagiarism.  Other sources of information about plagiarism and attribution of credit may be found in the Responsible Conduct of Research section of this Web site.

Statement of non-discrimination
NYMC is an equal opportunity and affirmative action institution.

Professional conduct in student-student and teacher-student relationships
This policy outlines guidelines for the proper behavior of students and teachers within the College towards each other.  It applies to all three schools of NYMC.

Graduate school standards of conduct
Students in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences are expected to conduct themselves to the standards expected of the scientific professionals they aspire to become.  Some general guidelines and specific standards can be found here.

Rights and responsibilities of GSBMS students
Students in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences have certain legitimate expectations with regard to how they will be treated.  They also assume certain responsibilities with regard to their own behavior.  This document outlines the guiding principles that govern these rights and responsibilities.  (2000)

Graduate School Appeals Board
Students may use this body to appeal certain decisions made by the College regarding their academic status or their conduct. (2000)

Institutional identity and student fundraising policies
NYMC itself also has rights and legal responsibilities.  All members of the College community must respect these rights and duties.

Code of conduct and policy on conflicts of interest
This is a general college policy that deals with conflicts of interest or perceived conflicts of interest for all employees and members of the faculty.  It may be found in the Faculty Handbook (page 142).  A separate policy deals with conflicts of interest specifically related to funded research.