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Patient Care Services:
Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery

Westchester Medical Center has a new, free-standing children’s hospital, The Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, which has a separate pediatric emergency room and offers state-of-the-art pediatric care in all pediatric subspecialties.
Patients with spina bifida, hydrocephalus, tethered cord, Chiari malformation, brain and spinal cord tumors, spasticity, complex epilepsy, vascular disorders, and trauma are all managed at this facility. A dedicated operating room and intensive care unit are available. The operating room has facilities for minimally invasive procedures including endoscopic procedures. Pre-operative 3-D modeling combined with an intra-operative real time image guidance system is also available.
Pediatric Neurosurgery is one of the most rapidly growing subspecialties in this Department.
Division Leaders:

  • Avinash L. Mohan, M.D.
  • Michael E. Tobias, M.D.
  • Raj Murali M.D.
  • Lawren Diaz, NP
  • Outpatient: Cari Martoni, NP
  • Paul Jubinsky M.D., Ph.D. (Section Chief)
  • Moshe Reiss, PNP

Pediatric Neurosurgery Case Study22 month-old male who presented with nausea and vomiting for 2-3 days, and has also been noted to have taken an unusually long time to learn to walk. He has been noted to have a wide-based gait when he does walk. The patient was taken to the OR for a suboccipital craniotomy, and resection of the tumor. He is doing quite well post-operative and attached is the video.?

WARNING: The following case study video shows a surgical procedure being performed and may be graphic. We advise you only view this if you are interested and are okay seeing surgery being performed.
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