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Guidelines for submitting events for publication on the calendar:

  1. The calendars are designed to list activities and events which are of interest to a wide audience from the NYMC community, or those activities and events which serve to promote the NYMC itself
  2. Events should be sponsored by a NYMC entity (e.g., school, department, center, administrative office, student group, club, organization, etc.).
  3. Submissions must be made at least one week in advance of the event to ensure they are approved and published in time. If your event is submitted less than one week before its date, we cannot guarantee its publication.
  4. Events should be open to the general public, the NYMC community or a segment of the NYMC community. Since the calendar can be viewed by the world, anyone submitting an event that is not open to the public or to the entire NYMC community must specify who can attend the event.
  5. Student groups are welcome and encouraged to post to the events calendar. However, we ask that the calendar be reserved for special events (performances, exhibitions, lectures, etc.) and not standing club meetings.
  6. Events requiring RSVP/registration must specify as such and include appropriate links/information. The events calendar is not able to process monetary transactions.
  7. Please refrain from using ALL CAPS, exclamation points!, colored fonts or excessive text formatting (boldface, italics, etc.).
  8. If an event is co-sponsored by more than one office, department or organization, please coordinate when submitting your event to avoid multiple submissions for the same event.
  9. The Communications Office reserves the right to edit calendar submissions for content and length.

The following events may not be approved for publication on the events calendar:

  1. Events with no direct NYMC connection.
  2. Events hosted by a non-NYMC affiliated organization but featuring participation by members of the NYMC community.
  3. Events of a commercial or personal nature.
  4. Events containing political endorsements or fundraising solicitations.
  5. Events containing slanderous, unlawful or obscene content.
  6. Events that are invitation-only, non-NYMC events hosted on campus or events targeted to a highly niche audience.
  7. Event submissions that do not include sufficient details.
  8. Announcements, ongoing courses, advertisements, solicitations and personal events.