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P2P Committee Recognizes Role Models at NYMC

The School of Medicine Peer to Peer (P2P) Committee is celebrating the exemplary students of NYMC with Professionals of NYMC, a forum for students to recognize each other as peer role models and showcase students who demonstrate the ideals valued most as future healthcare professionals. The initiative recognizes students in the NYMC community who embody the school’s core graduation competencies, including outstanding acts of patient care, interpersonal and communication skills, collaboration and professionalism. It is the hope that Professionals of NYMC will inspire all members of the NYMC community to make a positive difference in the lives of others. During each edition, one selected winner per class will receive recognition in their Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) during the application to residency process. Have you seen a classmate do something awesome and inspiring? Send your nominations to nymcp2p@gmail.com

The Professionals of NYMC
December 2016


InTOuch 12-19-16  

‌Sumana Setty, School of Medicine Class of 2017

“It is my great pleasure to nominate Sumana for the Professionals of NYMC. She consistently demonstrates many of the ideals of P2P, easily recognized by her classmates who not only elected her to the Gold Humanism Honor Society, but also selected her to serve as president. She always puts the needs of others before her own, including taking personal time on her sub-internship to hold an Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE) review session for MS3s during their medicine rotation. Most recently, Sumana has worked to increase awareness of mental health on campus and improve outreach in the community. My hat is off to her as a role model and a leader in the Class of 2017.”

InTouch 12-19-16   Edgewood Warner, School of Medicine Class of 2018

“Edge exemplifies what a compassionate future physician looks like. One day at clinic, I overheard his exchange with a patient as he helped them into a wheelchair and I was struck by how tender, sincere and attentive he was. He is exactly the type of person I would want to care for my grandparents or family. He goes out of his way for others, always making sure that everyone on our rotation is aware of resources, schedule changes or updates. Our medical team is better as a result of having him on it and I am sure his patients feel the same.”
InTouch 12-19-16   Andrew Tai, School of Medicine Class of 2019

“Andrew is always extremely positive. He is enthusiastic and determined that we take fun breaks (rock climbing, spike ball, etc.) which has been a big help in keeping us sane. Specifically, for the last pharmacology exam, Andrew took time out of his studying to explain several topics to me and he even had multiple small sessions where he would go over practice problems with classmates. He is extremely patient and attentive allowing myself and other students to gain a better understanding of concepts.”
InTouch 12-19-16   Amy Hershberger, School of Medicine Class of 2020

“Amy is incredibly kind, hard-working and loyal. She goes out of her way to take care of those around her, give 110 percent to everything she does and is on her way to being an amazing physician.”



Christa Belgrave

Christa is incredibly dedicated to helping both her classmates as well as underclassmen navigate the challenges of the clinical years. She not only tutored me in the clinical sciences, but helped me work through logistical challenges I found myself in during third year and was eager and willing to share her experiences, knowledge and resources. I wish everyone could have as great a mentor as she.”


Norma Salazar

“Norma is basically the reason I was able to survive my second-year of medical school. She goes above and beyond in caring for the mental health of her classmates and has more than once taken time out of her schedule to comfort me after a tough exam, or to discuss a topic and help me understand something I was struggling with. I feel that she is the polar opposite of the cutthroat attitude we sometimes see in competitive fields and I am so grateful for everything she has done.”

Ryan Horn

“Ryan literally and physically goes out of his way to help anyone who needs just about anything, regardless of his relationship or familiarity with the person. I have witnessed him install air conditioners in housing for multiple people, move furniture when someone had no help, fix malfunctioning cars, the list goes on and on. He truly exudes selflessness and altruism to his friends and anyone who shows even the slightest need. He always acts with integrity in academic settings and personal alike. I admire him as an example of what a physician should embody both personally and professionally. He is a true friend and truly an upright and upstanding person.”


Phil Maynard

Phil goes above and beyond as a friend and classmate to help others. He doesn’t wait to be approached, he will reach out and make a profound effort to help others emotionally and academically. He is positive and understanding, he genuinely listens and his motivation is contagious.”

Jermyn Addy

“As the vice president of the NYMC Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA), he is a shining leader in fellowship. Whenever there are group events that need to be planned or small groups that need to be led, he is the first to step up. In times of uncertainty he inconveniences himself for the sake of our organization to ensure CMDA prospers.”

Adam Karp

“Adam has been the face of NYMC to the first-year class from day one, and despite the commitments and challenges involved in his own life, he has worked to communicate with us and welcome us as the newest members of the NYMC community.”

Courtney Brown

“Courtney possesses the maturity and professionalism of an ideal medical school student. She shows respect for her peers and professors daily, both in and outside of the classroom. I truly believe she is an ideal candidate because her knowledge and communication skills display her commitment to the NYMC academic mission. This, along with her motivation to thrive within medicine and beyond, will make her an excellent addition to the P2P committee.”

Alex Berardi

Alex is such an active member of campus and helps her friends and her classmates to succeed in class and in life. She is always willing to answer a question or explain a concept. She is always inclusive of people in groups, and she truly is willing to do everything she can to make sure that we are all the best future doctors that we can be.”


John Paul Michaud

“John is always very helpful and always down to review and answer anatomy questions.”

Lekha Grandhi

“She’s very compassionate and always ready to help anyone.”