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AOA Iota Chapter Hosts 60th Annual Visiting Professor Lecture

The New York Iota chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA), the national medical honor society,  welcomed Ruth-Marie Fincher, M.D., second from right, vice dean for academic affairs emerita, Medical College of Georgia (MCG) Augusta University, as the 60th Annual AOA Visiting Professor on March 23. Iota ChapterCouncilor William H. Frishman, M.D., left, the Barbara and William Rosenthal Professor and Chairman of the Department of Medicine, professor of pharmacology, called Dr. Fincher, a renowned leader in medical education, “the Flexner of our times,” in his introduction. Dr. Fincher presented “A Stethoscope, a Pen, and a Compass” to the audience of proud AOA inductees and their families, faculty and administration. Dr. Fincher and Dr. Frishman were joined by AOA Iota chapter officers, from left, Danielle D’Ambrosio, vice president, Hanna Linstadt, secretary, and Nicholas Bartell, president. 

Dr. Fincher urged the AOA inductees to commit their lives to the AOA motto, “Be worthy to serve the suffering.” She then offered three symbols to guide the future physicians in their careers: 1) a stethoscope to represent listening and hearing not only with their ears but with their heart, 2) a pen to represent recording, reflecting, connecting and communicating about their feelings and emotions and 3) a compass to remind them to follow their true north of altruism. Dr. Fincher also advised the inductees to balance their personal and professional lives. “You have one life with two components and they are inextricably related,” she said. “Remember, you can only take care of patients if you take care of yourself and your family,” she advised.

Following the lecture, medical students from the Classes of 2016 and 2017, residents, alumni and faculty were inducted into AOA at a banquet and induction ceremony.

Class of 2016 Junior AOA Inductees

Nicholas Bartell
Wayne Colizza
Danielle D'Ambrosio
Chelsea Hendow
Shirley Hu
Orysia Kozicky
Dimitri Laurant
Hanna Linstadt
Luke Pak
Jeremy Raducha
Amy Tenaglia
Benjamin Wagner 

Class of 2016 Senior AOA Inductees

Aubree Anderson
Jeffrey Aston 
Andrew Carbone
Julia Cooperman 
Jessica Fujimoto 
Michael Genualdi 
Maggie Johnson
Rajiv Kabadi
Keith Lambert
Lauren Magnani
Brandon Martin
Derek Nickerson 
Marlana Radcliffe
James Ross
Lauren Schergen
Sandra Seelig
David Shottland
Rachel Talley
Kelly Tseng
Emily Unks
LuoLuo Zheng

Class of 2017 Junior AOA Inductees

Stacey Bregman 
Rebecca Green 
Mark Harousseau 
Kevin Lloyd 
Matthew Loconte
Richard Lucariello 
Jeremy Middleton
Madelyn Reynolds
Mohammad Roostan
Michelle Sachet
Elena Solli 

2016 AOA Resident Teaching Awards

Tanush Gupta, M.D., chief resident, internal medicine, NYMC
Marjan Mujib, M.D., chief resident, internal medicine, NYMC

2016 NYMC Alumni AOA Inductees

Nahla Khalek, M.D. ’99, M.P.H. , assistant professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Jeffrey Feinstein, M.D ’91, M.P.H., professor of pediatrics and cardiology, Stanford University School of Medicine
Karen Murray, M.D. ’99, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology, NYMC  

2016 Faculty AOA Inductees

Dennis Bordan, M.D., adjunct professor of surgery, NYMC
Ofelia Martinez, M.D., M.P.H., M.S., assistant professor of medicine and pediatrics, NYMC
Claud Andrew Powers, Ph.D. professor of pharmacology, NYMC

2016 AOA Volunteer Clinical Faculty Award

Johnny Kovoor, M.D., clinical associate professor of family and community medicine

AOA Officers

President: Nicholas Bartell
Vice-President: Danielle D’Ambrosio
Treasurer: Chelsea Hendow
Secretary and Education Coordinator: Hanna Linstadt