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Peer to Peer Committee Announces New Professionals of NYMC

‌‌The School of Medicine Peer to Peer (P2P) Committee developed Professionals of NYMC to provide a forum for students to recognize each other as peer role models and showcase students who demonstrate the ideals valued most as future health care professionals. The initiative aims to recognize students who embody the school’s core graduation competencies, including outstanding acts of patient care, interpersonal and communication skills, collaboration, and professionalism. Its purpose is to inspire all members of the NYMC community to make a positive difference in the lives of others. During each selection period, one selected winner per class will receive recognition in their Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) during application to residency. Have you seen a classmate do something awesome and inspiring? Send your nominations to nymcp2p@gmail.com and they may appear in the next edition of Professionals of NYMC.

The May 2016 P2P Professionals of NYMC Award Winners:

Class of 2016 – Maggie Johnson

“Maggie Johnson did a tremendous job leading the FCM practice sessions. She was always willing to stay longer and give up more of her weekends so that we would feel prepared. I feel much more confident in my clinical skills because of her leadership and dedication. As a fourth- year student, she embodies the sense of camaraderie that makes NYMC stand out as a place where students are able to learn a great deal from their peers. Hopefully, we can all continue in her steps to educate future physicians.”

Class of 2017 – Caroline Mullis

“Altruism is the act of performing a good deed without any credit given. Caroline has exhibited altruism for the past three years but has never received credit nor stopped doing good deeds for others. If any club/organization needs a hand to organize an event, help serve food, create signs, increase attendance, Caroline has been there. If you venture into various organizations and ask the leaders who helped them, you will undoubtedly find Caroline in the mix. She unequivocally deserves this award due to her kindness and thoughtfulness for others. She goes out of her way on a consistent basis to help not only her patients but her peers. Outside the classroom, she takes the time to make her friends feel loved and cared for as well. She is a role model and deserves this award.”

Class of 2018 – Linda Song

“She has a true passion for pathology and it shows through her mediator role between the department and our class. She is just a great person and student.”

“Linda has worked very hard as the pathology class representative.  She tackles every issue with a huge smile and a bright attitude.  She is very approachable about anything from pathology to the weather.  She is awesome about sharing notes too. Thanks Linda.”

Class of 2019 – Ella Cristoph

Ella has proven to be an integral part of our class from the first week she took over the unofficial position of collating and posting the weekly Facebook calendar every Monday. Ella consistently participates in lectures and classes, working to both cheer our class on and challenge us to set the bar higher. Ella is committed to our learning, both presenting for the Medical Educators’ Society rapid reviews as well as starting and leading GOALS, group learning study sessions, which many of us have grown fond of. Her work with medical education will hopefully continue to be as successful as one of the student representatives for the M1/M2 curriculum.”


Class of 2016

Dan Tannenbaum
“We both happened to be interviewing at the same hospital for residency. He saw me at the pre-interview dinner and he invited me to spend the night at his parents’ house, instead of having to stay at a local hotel. It was super nice of him, and his family was very welcoming, despite the fact that it was late in the evening and his parents were already heading off to bed.”

Dimitri Laurent
“We drove together to preceptor second year and he made me pick a Golian lecture for the ride. He wanted to make sure that I wasn’t wasting time in medical school. He is also the most selfless person I have met during my time here.”

Kate Neumann
“Always willing to help teach other students regardless of how busy she is.”

Class of 2017

Alex Lundy
Alex is a lifesaver on rotations. He’s the definition of a team player and is always willing to take more than his fair share of the work so things get done and the students look like rock stars. He also always does it with a smile on his face and a super positive attitude. I’ve never heard him complain once. Super awesome to work with.”

Alison Weiffenbach
“She is an excellent tutor and cares about the well-being of her classmates. More specifically, Alli has helped me get through difficult rotations, academically and emotionally.”

Hannah Stoops
“Excellent patient interactions.”

Joe Castiglione
He is one of the most kind and genuine individuals I have ever met. He is always an extremely helpful colleague on rotations and always makes his patients feel great.”

Shemeica Binns
The most positive person I have ever met, regardless of what may be going on in her own life.”

Stephanie Hernandez
Recently after I had a difficult day on my pediatrics rotation. My patient’s family learned terrible news and I was having trouble processing it. Stephanie found me in the hospital cafeteria and asked me if I was okay, however I did not respond. Without saying anything, she gave me a hug and kept her hand on my shoulder until I was ready to speak. Stephanie is incredibly astute at sensing other people’s feelings. She is very sensitive to both her classmates and patients. On difficult days, she has repeatedly served as a peer support for me in the hospital, and, I am sure, she does the same for her patients. I firmly believe Stephanie’s exceptionally mature sensitivity makes her an asset to the NYMC community and a tremendous professional of NYMC.”

Syed (Atif) Mustafa
Atif has been a great classmate since the start of my first year. He has been available for others for academic and life help. He is very considerate of his friends and classmates. In addition, many of our mutual friends who have worked with him on rotations have only good things to say about him. He has a great sense of humor, which is difficult to come by especially during the rigors of clerkships.”

Class of 2018

John Bosco
“As long as I’ve known Bosco, he has always been able to see the best in each person and bring it out of them. He is committed not only to his studies but also to reaching out to the community and his friends. He is full of ideas and ready to take on anything. Whenever I need advice or someone to listen to me, I know that he will be there with an open mind. His wisdom is thoughtful and he always knows how to comfort me when I need a friend.”

Lisa Qian
“Lisa is a very talented person, and has contributed a lot of her time, from drawing the thank you card to Saffyre earlier this year, to donating her artwork to the auction art gallery to support the Iraqi builders (and currently working on the NYMC garden mural). She thinks of and looks out for others first.”

Paul Jeong
“Paul is our class senator who puts in countless hours behind the scenes to help make our med school experience that much smoother. He is always available to his classmates (and underclassmen) and is the first to respond if anyone needs any help or support, especially with regard to faculty and administration. He is definitely one of the most under-celebrated student activists in our class.”

Zachary Gray
“Zachary is always willing to help, especially when things start to get hectic. As a tutor, he makes teaching look easy and explains difficult concepts in such a way that at the end of the session, you start to wonder where you doubted yourself and why. He’s constantly engaging, reassuring, and filled with hope that you can succeed. Sometimes, that makes all the difference - having someone who believes in you when all else seems so impossible. He has a strong sense of duty and genuinely wants to do the best that he can, making himself available for your concerns, even when he has his own life to think about. He is one of NYMC’s finest professionals and should be recognized for his patience, integrity and dedication.”

Class of 2019

Cecelia Asante
“She is always willing to help explain difficult concepts, shares good resources and helps create a collaborative and positive environment.”

Daniela Granzo
“Goes out of her way to make sure I feel included when she goes out to NYMC events and is doing group studying. I do not have a roommate so it really helps me feel more a part of the NYMC community as a whole.”

David Bamshad
“David is a wonderful person, friend, and student. He has wonderful integrity, and is constantly helping out his fellow classmates at every step along the way. He is a terrific listener and knows what to say and when to say it. We know that when we need something, we can go to David and he will be there for us. He is a role model for all who want to succeed, and bring others along with them.”

Julie-Ann Thompson
“Julie goes above and beyond to care for her peers and friends, never seeking anything in return. She is a role model of grace, respect, integrity, and empathy. As a classmate and friend, Julie recognizes, seeks out, and builds up those around her who are in need of encouragement. This amazing physician-to-be has already cultivated a maturity that will provide a secure foundation for her future in medicine.”

Katie Dermigny
“Katie is the course representative and has addressed all of her classmates’ concerns with incredible speed and finesse. I’ve seen firsthand how much effort she has put into helping her classmates. I think she deserves a nomination for going above and beyond making sure that we are all getting the most we can out of this class.”

Michael Iorga
“Michael serves as an amazing representation of character and good will. Quietly, yet confidently, he is making his mark on the NYMC community. Always willing to go out of his way to make people feel welcome, his apartment is a popular place to gather for lunch or dinner. I am unsure how he finds enough time in every day to help others, but somehow he does. Michael is genuine, professional and truly dedicated to others. But, best of all, he makes his actions seem like they are the norm, setting a high standard for honesty and integrity.”

Nneamaka Ukatu
“Nneamaka is an absolutely helpful individual who will place a person’s needs above her own, especially in times of need. Nneamaka is adept at offering perspective and insight to her peers regarding personal and academic issues, and she has helped me, as a peer, adjust to medical school while juggling my personal life. No one is as selfless and considerate as Nneamaka, and she will make an excellent physician with the compassion and empathy she shares with those around her.”

Ryan Gelsinger
“ Ryan is a kind, compassionate and giving person. He has an unwavering positivity and willingness to help anyone.”

Paul Tesoriero
“His unending kindness and passion for helping others to succeed is evident. He continuously volunteers his time to help those in need.”