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Town Hall Meeting Introduces NYMC TouroOne Student Portal

‌In what he referred to as a “tremendous collective effort,” David Raab, left, executive vice president, Touro College and University System (TCUS), introduced the NYMC community to the final stage of the TouroOne integration project, the Student Module, at a Town Hall Meeting on March 16. Speaking to NYMC students, faculty and staff, Mr. Raab and Matthew Bonilla, right, vice president of student administrative services, TCUS, presented the overarching goals of the initiative, discussed benefits and features to NYMC constituencies and unveiled the look of the new NYMC student portal. Read more…

“From the start, an important goal of the TouroOne project,” said Mr. Raab, “has been to increase operational effectiveness and efficiency across and within all Touro schools by integrating multiple, independent, non-communicating systems into one single state-of-the-art integrated system.  From a student perspective,” he added, “we wanted to allow them to conduct NYMC ‘administrivia’ whenever, wherever and on whatever device they want to use, so they have more time for their studies and for their lives.”  

Through the new NYMC student portal—which shares the same underlying systems other Touro Schools and incorporates national best practices, but displays only NYMC information and is nuanced to accommodate the College’s unique needs—NYMC students will now be able to view and connect to NYMC information and tools including grades, academic history, library resources, NYMC e-mail, learning management systems and more. They will also be able to perform NYMC tasks, like registering for classes and paying tuition, through the portal.

As Mr. Bonilla explains, “our goal was to get everything under one roof, and present it in a clean, uncluttered, intuitive way.”

NYMC faculty and advisors will also be able to view student and class information and perform tasks online using their existing TouroOne employee portal accounts.  Following the initial student portal launch, the implementation will continue with additional refinements including advanced advisory capabilities and enhanced reporting for faculty, advisors and administration, and a degree-evaluation system which will help keep students and their advisors in sync and on track toward graduation.

In discussing the TouroOne project, Mr. Raab expressed great respect and admiration for the implementation team, composed of representatives from each Touro school who worked together painstakingly and collaboratively to identify the best ways to move forward.  He recognized the many NYMC administrators and staff who participated in this major project. Moving forward, a TouroOne governance committee, which will include NYMC representation, will meet regularly to share ideas, information, issues and solutions to support the evolution and enhancement of TouroOne.

The NYMC student portal is set to go live on Monday, April 4. Further details on the launch, instructions for accessing the portal, and training information will be forthcoming.

Both Mr. Raab and Mr. Bonilla strongly encourage feedback after the April 4 student portal release.  “While we appreciate a little bit of good will immediately following the launch, as it takes a few weeks to shake out, we certainly will welcome constructive feedback on what’s working well and what needs further attention,” said Mr. Raab.  

Feedback and questions regarding the TouroOne student portal should be sent to The Non-Stop Helpdesk at nonstop@touro.edu. All emails will receive responses within one business day.

TouroOne Student Portal Benefits for NYMC Students

  • Access all of their academic information and NYMC resources from one central online hub
  • View, search and register for classes
  • Add/drop classes
  • View their class schedule with locations
  • View grades, transcript and academic history
  • Track progress toward degree requirements (coming soon)
  • View and contact their designated academic advisor(s)
  • Update addresses, phone numbers and emergency contact information
  • Pay NYMC tuition and fees online, by credit card or e-check
  • Sign up for a payment plan online
  • View anticipated financial aid awards and access required documentation
  • Access NYMC e-mail
  • Access NYMC calendars and publications
  • Access library resources
  • Link to online course content in Blackboard, Moodle and LCMS+

TouroOne Additional Portal Benefits for NYMC Faculty and Advisors 

  • View class roster(s) including real-time information on enrolled students
  • Assist students with course selection by looking up class details and current seat availability
  • Access library resources
  • Access NYMC e-mail
  • Access NYMC calendars and publications
  • Link to their courses within Blackboard, Moodle and LCMS+
  • Submit final grades online  
  • View list of assigned advisees and/or search for advisees by ID or name
  • Send e-mail to an entire class or group of advisees with one click
  • View advisee’s:
    • Contact information
    • Academic program information
    • Schedule
    • Transcript
    • Test scores/placement info
    • Holds