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SOM P2P Committee Recognizes Role Models at NYMC

The School of Medicine (SOM) Peer to Peer (P2P) Committee developed Professionals of NYMC to provide a forum for students to recognize each other as peer role models and showcase students who demonstrate the ideals valued most as future healthcare professionals. The initiative recognizes students in the NYMC community who embody the school's core graduation competencies, including outstanding acts of patient care, interpersonal and communication skills, collaboration and professionalism. It is the hope that Professionals of NYMC will inspire all members of the NYMC community to make a positive difference in the lives of others. One selected winner per class will receive recognition in their Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) during the application to residency process. Have you seen a classmate do something awesome and inspiring? Send your nominations to nymcp2p@gmail.com. P2P Committee Recognizes Role Models at NYMC
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June 2017 Award Winners

InTouch 6-26-17  

Lana Malekan, Class of 2018

"Lana consistently went above and beyond to help me throughout my second year of medical school. Whether it was for general advice or tutoring me (heme-onc!). She sacrificed her own time on multiple occasions and asked for nothing in return. I believe Lana's selflessness truly merits the nomination of P2P professional.”

"Simply put, Lana is one of the most selfless and generous people I have ever known. She cares genuinely for those around her and routinely goes out of her way to brighten someone else's day. Her kindness comes in many forms, from delivering home-cooked meals from Long Island to feed my entire apartment before exams, to organizing epic birthday surprises for all of her friends. But more than that, Lana is the first person I turn to when I need advice, encouragement, or just a listening ear. Having her friendship has made medical school tolerable even through the toughest times and I wish that everyone had a friend like her. What makes Lana so special is that she does it all without ever looking for thanks or recognition—it's easy to see that she's always been this way. I think she is long overdue for some recognition in the form of this nomination.”

"Amazing friend and peer who goes above and beyond for everyone in our class and welcomes people into her family like she has known them for years. She's truly gracious and giving in the most beautiful way possible."

InTouch 6-26-17  

Danny Hernandez, Class of 2019

"It is a widely acknowledged fact that Danny is always more than happy to lend a helping hand–the Class of 2019 Facebook group is proof of this...a quick scroll through the Facebook page will show that Danny is very frequently the first to respond to any classmate's inquiry or needs with a swift and helpful response. But Danny's altruism stems beyond simply helping those who ASK for help...time and time again, I have witnessed Danny go out of his way to ease someone else's burden, completely unprompted. Just a few instances include the surprise delivery of a coffee to a tired and weary classmate; digging out a homesick classmate's car in an especially heavy snowstorm… Though these instances may seem small, the unsolicited compassion and thoughtful consideration behind each of these actions add up to illustrate the kind of person Danny is. With each of these "small" actions, Danny not only makes NYMC a brighter place but inspires others–(myself included)–to follow his lead."

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Marcus Foo, Class of 2020

“As soon as you meet Marcus, you can tell how passionate he is about making our school the best it can be. He goes above and beyond through his work with the curriculum committee to advocate for our class, while also working to improve NYMC for future classes. If the projector in Nevins isn't working, he is the first person to jump into action; if there is urgent information that needs to be communicated to the class, Marcus is always there to send a prompt and professional email. But on top of his hard work and tireless professionalism, Marcus is generous and kind. He never hesitates to take time out of his studies to help friends who are struggling, offer a high five, or provide advice and encouragement. He is an invaluable resource to classmates as well as a great friend. For all these reasons and more, Marcus is deserving of the honor of Professionals of NYMC.”

“Marcus has demonstrated outstanding collaboration and professionalism among his peers. On several occasions over this past year, right before exams, I have watched Marcus sit in the library and help people with questions about the material. Every time, he is patient and helpful. He never sends anyone away or demonstrates any ill-will despite also being under a lot of pressure to study his own material. I have noticed he is one of the first to respond when he sees a need (whether it be in the lecture hall or online Facebook group or other venue).”

Additional Student Nominations

Class of 2019

Ariel Kwart
“Why does everyone know Ariel? Is it because his goofy laugh can be heard a mile away? Or maybe it's how he will drop everything at a moment's notice to expertly explain a complicated topic, no matter the subject or year? It's both and so much more. Ariel is the not-so-hidden gem of NYMC for his stupendous gregariousness and personal sincerity in everything that he does.”

Andrew Tai
“He is always kind and caring. He makes an effort to include everyone in recreational activities and always does his best to help his peers academically.”

David Bamshad
“David is consistently there to lend a helping hand to anyone. Regardless of the time or place, David is there to help and with a smile. Kindness is his way of life. Countless times David has been there for me during some of the busiest times of our semester, and I have seen him put aside his personal life for complete strangers on- and off-campus. He is a role model, and he represents the integrity and dedication that our school is founded on.”

Class of 2020

Katie Carome
“Katie is one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. She always goes out of her way to help people, whether that's helping a stranger shovel out their car for two hours or lending out her lecture notes because you were sick and couldn't make it to class or just didn't pay enough attention in lecture that day. She's a patient listener and her strong character shines through everything she does. I can't think of anyone who deserves this award more than her.”

Ilana Grant
“This student exemplifies professionalism by constantly going out of her way to help others. On multiple occasions, I've seen her sacrifice her own time to explain a challenging concept to a fellow student. She has been a huge part of my support system since I started medical school, from keeping me motivated in my studies to simple things like giving me a ride to the car dealership during her lunch break after work was done on my car. Additionally, she looks out for people she doesn't even know, and if somebody seems down or depressed, she always thinks about what she can do to help. Through all this, she still manages to keep her sense of humor sharp and her head on straight. She is an incredibly thoughtful, friendly person and certainly deserves this recognition.”

Farhana Begum
“She's an awesome person and incredibly supportive friend/study partner. She's hardworking, perseverant, humble, and caring. She was there for me when I needed encouragement and motivated me to keep working hard when I felt like giving up. She inspires me to be a better medical student. Besides being an excellent student, she is also compassionate. I have no doubt that she will also inspire her future patients to live healthier lives and they will be lucky because she will make one heck of a doctor!”

Price Obot
“Price is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. He'll tell you when there's something on his mind, but always respectfully. He's an excellent student and always goes beyond what the lecture teaches to try to relate new concepts to old ones and/or try to find logic in them. What I admire the most about him is his ability to remain calm and collected when encountered with something difficult. He taught me that sometimes it only takes a clear mind to know the answer to a tough question. For instance, if he would ask me a tricky question about something we had studied and I said "don't know." He would reply with "you DO know,” and oftentimes I did know, I just had to relax and think about it. He's also a great listener and a wonderful friend.”

Caroline Suresh
“Caroline is a super amazing, friendly, selfless and caring friend and classmate! She always has a smile on her face and has such a positive spirit. My most memorable moment is when she offered to drop me off at the airport all the way in New Jersey at 6 a.m. Even though it was spring break, she still was so selfless enough to make such a far and early drive. She didn't even let me give her gas money. Mind you, she was also dropping off her roommate at a different airport as well, free of charge. I was so grateful and relieved as I was panicking trying to figure out transportation. Overall, I think it would be awesome for Caroline to be recognized because she is truly an amazing person! People like her are what makes it so great to learn medicine here at NYMC.”

Uzoamaka Agubokwu
“Uzo ALWAYS has a smile on her face, and sees the positive in every situation. Even when many of her classmates are complaining or whining, Uzo has a special ability to see the best in everyone. I am truly amazed by her incredible personality, and know she will become an unbelievable physician.”