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Symposium Focuses on Tick-Borne Disease


Experts from across the country and as far as Slovenia gathered at NYMC on October 18 for "Bridging Clinical and Basic Science Research on Tick-Borne Infections Symposium: A Tribute to Ira Schwartz, Ph.D." The event honored Ira Schwartz, Ph.D., professor of microbiology and immunology, medicine and biochemistry and molecular biology, who is stepping down from his role as chairman of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology. Topics ranged from "Spirochets Do It Differently: Covalently Crosslinking of the Flagellar Hook" to "Understanding Borrelia Miyamotoi" to "Metabolomics to Diagnose and Understand the Pathogenesis of Tick-Borne Diseases." Dr. Schwartz recalled the serendipitous path he took to working with Lyme disease and the groundbreaking research that followed at NYMC. "We were really at ground zero in terms of Lyme disease, both clinically and in research," Dr. Schwartz said. View the photo gallery here.