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Dedication Ceremony Honors the Memory of Rita F. Girolamo, M.D. ’51

Mark Leone, Armand F. Leone Jr., M.D. ’82, and Peter Leone

The hallway to the radiology suite outside of the Health Sciences Library is the fitting new location of one of the latest findings of Edward C. Halperin, M.D., M.A., chancellor and chief executive officer: plaques recovered from a renovation project at Westchester Medical Center Health Network’s Westchester Medical Center. The plaques designated the Rita F. Girolamo, M.D., Conference Room at the hospital and now mark a permanent display dedicated to the memory of Dr. Girolamo, a well-known radiologist, educator and administrator. Dr. Giralomo’s family, including her sons, from left, Mark Leone, Armand F. Leone Jr., M.D. ’82, and Peter Leone, was on hand for the dedication ceremony, unveiling of the plaque and historical poster and tour of the Radiology Suite on March 13. View the Rita F. Girolamo, M.D. ’51, dedication ceremony photo gallery below.

Dr. Girolamo served as professor of radiology and vice chair of the Department of Radiology, director of nuclear medicine and associate dean for student affairs and chief of radiology services at Metropolitan Hospital Center. She earned emeritus status upon her retirement in 1996.  She was one of only sixteen women in the Class of 1951 and was the first woman president of the Medical Board at Metropolitan. She was a pioneer in mammography and thermography and under her direction, the College was one of the first two centers in the U.S. to use diaphanography (transillumination), a technique for diagnosis of breast disease.

She was affectionately known as “Dr. G.” to her students and residents and was proud to serve her fellow alumni as president of the School of Medicine Alumni Association. Her dedication and commitment were recognized with the Alumni Association Medal of Honor and the Distinguished Service Medal at the College’s 128th Commencement. Each year, at the commencement awards ceremony, the Rita F. Girolamo, M.D. ’51, Award, is presented to a graduate who has shown the most proficiency in the specialty of radiology. Dr. Girolamo passed away on September 8, 2007, at the age of 80.

Dedication Ceremony in Memory of Rita F. Girolamo, M.D.