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Department Spotlight: The Office of Student Financial Planning Uses Decades of Experience to Help NYMC Students

The Office of Student Financial Planning uses their vast knowledge of financial decision making to help students make the best choices for their financial future.

October 18, 2021
From left: Dominga Hidalgo, Ashley Ruszczyk and Anthony M. Sozzo, M.A., M.S.Ed.

What are your department’s responsibilities?  

The Office of Student Financial Planning, including myself and Dominga Hidalgo, left, and Ashley Ruszczyk, center, both associate directors of student financial planning, offers students a financial program to assist them with their decision making before, during and even after, they have graduated from New York Medical College (NYMC). The Office strives to help students find and understand the numerous financial resources available and how these resources will impact their lives. Our goal is to sharpen their financial literacy, avoid costly mistakes and help them make sound and educated financial choices. NYMC graduates have one of the lowest student loan default rates in the nation, which we believe is a benefit of the many combined years of expertise of the Student Financial Planning Office. 

What is the department’s most-asked question by students/faculty/alumni?  

Students, especially new incoming students, want to know if they can get all the funding they need to meet their educational and living expenses and be able to afford the payments after they graduate. Our alumni have questions about loan forgiveness programs and repayment options especially if their career or family status changes. Faculty often ask questions about the number of credits students need to receive funding.

What is one thing you'd like students to know about your department? 

The Office of Student Financial Planning must balance four very important responsibilities. The first is to the students to make sure their educational related financial needs are met and they understand their responsibilities and options. The second is to the institution with timely disbursement of funds. The third is working with the offices of admissions in all three schools in helping to encourage students to enroll knowing that financing will be available that they can manage loan repayments after they graduate. Finally, we must make sure we are compliant by following the numerous U.S. Department of Education regulations.   

Is there a fun fact or best kept secret about department? 

We have a combined collective experience of 87 years in financial aid experience.