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GSBMS Officially Renamed to Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

The New Nomenclature Is A More Accurate Representation Of The Students, Faculty And Courses In The School

July 11, 2022
Logo for Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
The Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences will now be called the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

The change symbolizes a step forward for New York Medical College (NYMC) and the GSBMS. Although the term “basic medical sciences” encompasses the disciplines that are foundational to medicine and involve the study of the fundamental scientific principles that may apply to a preclinical understanding, the term “biomedical sciences” encompasses a much wider range of academic and research activities that are the major focus of biomedical research and funding in the 21st century and represent the interests of modern graduate students.

The vast majority of GSBMS students, faculty and researchers are indeed biomedical scientists, whose work spans disciplines that are relevant to human health and disease. In addition to more accurately reflecting the student body and faculty, the name will also be helpful in promoting GSBMS programs and attract new students to the school. The change will be reflected in all GSBMS materials and signage, solidifying the next chapter for students and faculty in the school.

“The renaming of the GSBMS as the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in our history,” said Marina Holz, Ph.D., dean of the GSBMS, professor of cell biology and anatomy and interim chair of biochemistry and molecular biology. “As scientists, we always strive to be at the cutting edge of discovery and innovation, and we want the school’s name to reflect our mission.”  

The GSBMS has a rich history at NYMC, providing quality education in biomedical sciences for more than a century. The College's involvement in graduate education dates back to 1910, when records show the existence of advanced courses and research programs. Graduate courses in surgery and medicine were offered in the 1920s, and in 1938 the College's charter was amended to include the authority to offer graduate degrees including the Master of Science in medicine and a doctorate in medical science. Founded in 1963 as the Graduate School of Medical Sciences, it was the first center for graduate education separate from the medical curriculum. The school was renamed the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences in 1969.

The renaming comes as the Basic Sciences Building (BSB) marks its 50-year anniversary, after opening in the spring of 1972. The Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences moved to the BSB that summer, marking the first time that graduate education in any subject was offered in Westchester County.

The Graduate Faculty Council and the Graduate Student Association (GSA) fully support the new name. “We believe that this change is a more accurate representation of our student body, as it is more inclusive of the science disciplines whose primary focus is the biology of human health and disease,” the GSA said in a statement. “Times have changed since the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences was first renamed in 1969, and as a school with the guiding values of excellence, intellectual curiosity, and diversity and inclusion, renaming GSBMS to the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences modernizes our College and provides an updated presentation of our students, faculty and alumni.”