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HSL Explains the Popularity of Preprints During COVID-19 Pandemic

Publishing in medicine and life sciences has long been beholden to the lengthy peer review process.

May 11, 2020
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Publication of Articles

Preprints are completed scientific manuscripts that have not yet been through the peer review process. Readers are warned to use critical appraisal skills to evaluate the validity of research such as how the research is conducted, what biases are introduced, which clinical endpoints are measured and the clinical significance of the results. It should also be noted that the media is reading these preprints and may be making pronouncements based on small, biased research. Regardless of this balance between speed and validity, it appears the preprint will likely be here to stay, according to the Health Sciences Library (HSL).

The HSL recommends these sources of preprints:

The HSL staff continues to monitor the COVID-19 information landscape and welcomes any search requests.